Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steven plugs new song on RTHK

Radio TV HK (RTHK) 2nd channel -- "Made in Hong Kong" segment starting @ 6:20 (past all that weather news etc) Steven as special guest to plug his new song “心照”. sm baidu link; tudou link 
Can't dl audio with realplayer

hosts: Alex Lee (李志剛), 區文詩Angela 洪崎峻超B

Salient points:

1) Why pseudonym - 2 buffaloes (二牛).  In the past Steven had already given various reason for that name. @17:20 Steven explains why.
a) To separate acting and singing from music creative work
b) Why buffalo (牛)? His surname Ma (horse) so horse' s counterpart, buffalo lo.  牛马

c) Why 二? (pinyin - 'er') He's 4th in the family so halved 4 is 2. (tn: huh, make sense or not? lol!) Steven further explains that in mainland is  slang that when used on somebody it means that person is on  the dim side as in dimwitted.

d) mainland slang of  牛 (niu) on somebody is that person is impressive, terrific, amazing, awesome, "sai lei" (犀利)

e) So the 2 words 二牛 combo is an oxymoron = dimwitted but amazing. Or an amazing dimwit.  lol!

2) Steven has composed and written songs in the earlier days of his singing career.
3) Steven has not signed a TVB contract but most probably will. Even if he did it'll be a per series contract.
4) Explains his recording process of each song -- ref to his Steven on his hi fi quality album 發燒碟
5) The singing requirement is very stringent, no auto tune allowed.
6) When host said Steven is well loved by friends, Steven does not denies it is so. 
7) For future series, Steven wants to portray a more gray character than an all around nice guy.
8) Album includes Christian songs
9) Female host asks Steven how he manages to keep his facial skin so well. Steven says: "First, I must stress that I did not use anything on my face. You may touch it."  (haha! Even for a modest man like Steven, Steven couldn't resist a bit of vanity over his good skin. ) Steven says he maintains his good skin with ample consumption of nutritious soups and with a strict exercise/sport regimen as exercise can flush out dirt/whatnot from the skin.  His sport is of course badminton. He says he seldom use face care products.

10) Talk turns to badminton. Host Alex pretends to be an avid badminton player but his ignorance on badminton betrays him. Steven is a member of this one HK badminton club.

11) Alex Lee is Steven's good friend. Though they don't meet often but whenever Steven's series is airing he would text Steven his opinion on the latter's acting and the series .

Host Angela brought up she once heard Steven say that it wasn't until he was in his early twenties that he had his first salon haircut because prior to that his late mother cut his and his family members' hair. Steven was so 'green' to salon experience that he didn't know to lie on his back on the bed to have his hair washed by the hairdresser.  Instead like how he bent his head down to wash his hair at home under a faucet, he lay on his stomach on the bed waiting to get his hair washed.  Seeing him thus, the female hairdresser said to him, "Uhmm, Mr. I'm going to wash your hair now."  Steven said: En! ok!  When Steven didn't move, she said: "You need to turn around on your back"  (ok) lol! She thought that Steven was being cheeky to her.

12) How did Steven get the chance to release a music album? During one of his many stage performances, someone asked him if he ever thought of composing his own songs. Even two years ago, he always had wanted to release an album (tn: hence his tvb contract renewal) but didn't have the opportunity. Last year he met this 'lo ban' (businessman) who wanted to produce this special album, so they collaborated. ((tn: My guess is the businessman is a Christian, who wants to promote Christian virtues through music and songs.)

The more I listen to the song, the more I like it -- the warmth of the lyrics came through Steven's singing.
Steven will shoot 3 mvs for his album.

Don't know how to dl the program -- anybody knows how? Mainland fans can't access that website so want to upload the audio clip for them. 

dl by  @sm baidu

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