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Interview ontv ET show

An April 17 2013 interview now uploaded piecemeal daily onto the online website.
Somehow my converted mp4 ext to wmv files can't be played properly on windows media maker else I would have combined all clips into one video for convenient view.

If all goes well, Steven will hold a mini concert tour in 5 or more cities (including HK) between July and August.  So stay tune as to which city. The interviewer seems so high and so giggly -- wonder if she is that way with other interviewees, or just elated to interview Steven?

video 5

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Interview April 17 2013
Video1: Topic Preview-1) Return to being a singer; on chik chak singing awards; 2) Raymond Cho followed him wherever he went 3) Still has not signed tvb contract

-- video 5 transcript---

Q: These days you’ve been making the rounds on the radio stations, back to being a singer, how do you feel?

A: Weird

Q: Why?

A: Well, first off, at the radio stations there were many new faces, secondly, those that I know from way back, we all grew up together so not just them have grown older but me too, so we met again it’s like an alumni reunion.

Q: Compare to how it was like for you before as singer, what’s the biggest difference now?

A: In the past, when I went to the radio stations to promote my songs, I was very reserved. And when I talked (pause) I recall once a Warner Music colleague, a publicity agent called Simon – after the promotional event of my first album and we went back to the office for meeting, he said to me: Can you not look as if you are in sales?

Q: (laugh) Did you shake hands with people, and whatnot?

A: Because before I entered the industry, I was in sales, so I was used to be extremely polite, greeted them and then handed them my business card. But singers don’t hand out business cards. But that kind of attitude was – more smooth talk and more worldly. So they told me not to act too much like salesperson.

Q: And then?

A: And then I didn’t dare to open my mouth.  Didn’t know what to say. So..55, 555. became more reserved.

Q: So this time you sell “An Understanding”, have you become more casual?

A: I’ve always been casual ma!

Q: I mean like not that scared anymore?

A: What’s there to be afraid anymore? It’s been almost 20 years now.

Q: Don’t know – like back to being a singer?

A: That I’m not afraid.

 Playing his song - interval

A: My mindset is that I’m more seasoned, moreover, I’m no that young anymore.

Q: But your looks is youthful

A: Only the appearance – eh eh.. can’t be too vain (tn: lol!) The face may deceive people but actually not that young anymore, I'm well aware of it.

Q:  Sam jiu lah (comprehend lah)

A: Having experienced so much, whether the past heart knots over family or over work, they’ve all gone away.

Q: So now you’re just busy recording your new album. So in July you decide to open your very first big local concert since entering the music industry.

A: mini, siu yin (tn: small scale)

Q: ok, xiu yin concert. But where do you get the time to do it? After all, this is your first time.

A: Still have to do it.  If all goes well, in July (tn: hk concert) Actually, after that will have a mini concert tour in at least 5 and more cities.

Q: so actually a series of mini concerts?

A: Will announce the details later. The tour plan is still in the preparation stage, maybe 5 or more cities.  I hope it is possible because in late August –early September I have to go to Beijing for filming.

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