Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UPDATED 5/04 with pix Celebrity guest

updated with more pix at sm baidu

4.30.2013 Steven attended  金意陶 company event in  Dongguan.  A big turnout of supporters for Steven despite the heavy rain, nor did it dampen the crowd's enthusiasm for Steven.  The organizer truly went all out to make it festive for Steven and his supporters with lots of free prizes and giveaways, and his posters plastered everywhere, even on the back of t-shirts. haha!  Steven sang two songs - Domd1998 themesong and his new song.

vid credit sm fan - youku

click link  link2 link3 link4 link5 link6 link7 link8 link9 link10 link11 for enlarged pix (must have weibo a/c)

The male mc of the show 4/30/2013 10:38 weibo says: Steven at his age, still so incredibly youthful looking you won't believe it, what's more, so much more handsome (len zai) in person than on screen. And very nice too.

And numerous similar such comments on weibo - that Steven is much more handsome in person than on screen, and very youthful looking for his age. The guy in blue t-shirt is Steven's personal assistant (probably cum driver).

lots more on sm baidu  sm baidu thread2
credit various weibo as labeled.


Guess the woman in blue is Sandy Lau, Steven's pm?
Only customers who bought sponsor's products (free SM brochure?) can have Steven's autograph brochure.

Haha! Steven's likeness everywhere -- even on shopping bags. The company really got its money's worth having Steven as publicity to promote their products -- rain couldn't keep the crowd away.

credit sm baidu

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