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Nip Ji Yuen as the red rose

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Steven as red rose

Akazukin: And once again awed by Steven's charming demeanour there, how could Sing Suet not fall in love with him?

Tamaya: Reminds me of a Steven fan's Sits article (SM Warm House) whereby she uses blood red rose and white rose to allegorize JY and Hin, respectively.

Inspired by her writing, I came up with my own version.
Jiyuen is a wild, blood red rose. Its blossom, glorious in its unbridled beauty; its fragrance, alluring and enticing. The rose is an entrapment to unsuspecting admirers for its beauty conceals an insidious thorny side. Secured in its superiority, the red rose stands tall and haughty, its beauty for all to see. Over endowed, it becomes self-absorbed, self-centered, and self-willed. Suet, never one for flowers, was inexplicably drawn to such sublimity; its exotic beauty awakens in her a full blown passion. She seeks to posses the red rose, and in her naivety, pricks her fingers on its thorns drawing instant blood, and inflicting immeasurable and irrevocable hurt. In return, the red rose is bruised and transformed by her touch. Once bitten twice shy, Suet is now forever changed; her innocence destroyed, her family destroyed, her past destroyed, her life as she knew it, all destroyed. A different kind of passion now burns deep within her heart, where love used to reside, hatred now reigns supreme. However, as time passes, the passion scale of hatred and love mixture slowly but inevitably once again tips towards love. For indeed, the ardent of the red rose cannot be denied.

Hin is a white rose inside a vase. Its beauty, pure and understated. Its fragrance, mild and pleasing. It is tranquil and serene as it stays prop up inside its vase, content to just light up its surrounding with pure beauty and to impart its mild aroma to its appreciators.

The response to the rose allegory from another Steven fan: :thumbsup
To say JY is a blood red rose, might as well say
he is a warm and gentle poison
once taken, the pain is immeasurable
and the poison, irremovable.
and as for Er Shao as a white rose, might as well say
he is like the moonbeam shining on one's bed
cool and clear, its ray of light bringing warmth
to the darkness surrounding oneself.
who could bear to let go of the moonbeam
that brings warmth to oneself?

Akazukin: I would rather Suet travelling on her own in spring season and then she stopped when she saw a field of chrysanthemums, before a firefly flew to her and she followed it shortly before she saw Ji Yuen who has been petrified looking at her. And all their reactions remain the same. At least the scene won't throw me off from its unrealisticness.

Tamaya: I prefer your field of mums to snowland for ending. But in my neck of the woods, fireflies only appear during summer time and travel in swarms rather than solitarily. And they are most visible at night because of their glow. But of course, these are the American fireflies, don’t know about China’s own particular type. :tricky: How about this: Dusk. On the way to no-where or half-where or some-where, Suet happens upon a field of wild, yellow daisies lighted up by a swarm of hovering, sparkling fireflies. One detaches itself and flies towards her, stops and dances before her eyes. It then flits away, purposefully. Suet follows, certain it is Hin’s spirit leading her to a warm shelter for the night. Even as she approaches the safe haven of a cave, a familiar aroma wafts towards her, instantly evoking warm memories of the past: spuds roasting over open fire, hmm yum yum! Stomach rumbling, she hurries expectantly and nervously into the cave, following the light emanating from inside. Voila! Surprise! Surprise! two pairs of eyes widening with surprise, with hope, and with love; eyes met, locked and tear-up. Time stands still. Yuen opens wide his arms and Suet stumbles dazedly into them. Embraced. Then they partake the roasted spuds that JY has so thoughtfully roasted for two. The end!

 The reason why I mentioned spring rather than summer is because it left a bit of surreal feeling while it is not too far-fetched and impossible like fireflies in winter/snow. It could be the end of spring and towards the beginning of summer. Dusk sounds reasonable, although I would prefer to have just one firefly instead of many. So that too many fireflies won't take the attention off the flowers (LOL, I'm selfish). And OMG, how much I love them to hug! I remembered saying that what's missing in the ending was a hug when I first finished the ending. I think a hug would give a complete closure to the series. But I get that TVB wants an open ending, so that Hin's fanatics won't be too pissed off or those that oppose the idea of marrying someone who 'killed' your parents won't be too pissed off too. I guess that's why they left off the hug. May I know why Yuen was roasting for two though?

Wow, comparing roses to males is quite new and original to me. However, the description seems fitting. I have always preferred red rose to white rose, although I do like both (applies to both the flowers and to the characters). I'm reminded that Yuen's thorn didn't only prick Suet but also Ting Yin's. The other day rewatching SITS, I was once again impressed by Steven, and this time I would want to talk about the scene where he first met Minister Yiu. Yuen and his godfather were just passing shadows until Minister Yiu called To, but somehow, you do feel these two passing shadows are different from the rest. There is something with the way Steven walked and his posture that gives off the vibes that he is not just normal average citizen. I feel that all over SITS, he did give off this vibe that he is from a military background and I applaud him for that. Such little thing, such little scene, but it makes difference.

After reading someone said that Steven was supposed to play the role of Hin, I start wondering whether I would have preffered Yuen or Hin if Steven acted as Hin instead. And after imagining how Steven would act as Hin, I think I would still go for Stevia. I realised that the large part of the reason why I love Yuen-Suet so much is because of their chemistry, and when it comes to chemistry, it takes two keys to make noise. Even if Yuen was acted by someone of awesome acting skill like Wayne, and he does a great job in the role. He might not have the same chemistry level with Tavia. As the case with Raymond Wong. Raymond did a great job as Hin, but his chemistry with Tavia just can't beat that of Stevia, where they can communicate just through eye contacts, or the feeling that they are connected even when they were just walking together side by side.

Maybe I would have loved Hin even more if Steven took the role (not saying RayW didn't do a good job, he did a great job, just that I think I would prefer Steven), but if I'm to be asked whether I prefer Steven as Yuen or Hin. I prefer him as Yuen. I just love the masculinity of Yuen, someone who is usually cool (even with his friends, let alone strangers), can be so passionate when falling in love is just full score attraction. I like the fact that Yuen is a righteous and good person and overall nice, but he is not downright useless nice, like how he didn't bother to let way for Ting Yin when she tried to embarrass him. But if Steven took the role of Hin, I would imagine he would add more masculine blood to the character, while Raymond Wong's Hin is more gentle overall.


Tamaya: His original words in the spoiler. It could be interpreted either way. That he accepted to act in Sits as JY, or that he chose JY over Hin as his choice of character to act. Read in context with his whole entry, I think it was probably the latter. I recall a news report saying how Hin character was tailor made to salvage a misbehaving tvb artiste's reputation and jump start his career - something like that. But I guess the character was further polished after Steven had rejected that role. As an artiste, Steven must have considered screen time and whatnots, and in spite of them, he still went with JY character because it struck a chord in him and challenged his acting skill. Anyway, imo, JY's male lead status could have been easily ascertained with a revised script to include some sweet flashbacks on Yuen/suet romance, and like you've suggested,  some indication of JY's inner struggles when planning the demise of Dou camp etc etc. I wonder if the aired Sits in HK will differ from Astro's in that Yuen/Suet screentime has been added in.

-----Steven's yb entries in Chinese ---

2009-01-27 13:57 哈哈, 看来很多朋友都有点不满, 为何致远在"碧血"的戏份好像少了点, 我在这里要说句公道话, 这不是公司的问题, 更不是我恩师"添哥"的问题, 要演聂致远一角, 是我个人的选择

身为演员, 我虽谈不上资深, 但十多年的演戏历炼, 教我体会到演员该如何求变和自我增值。如果, 今天我继续坚持只演一些大好人的角色, 或许我的支持者还是会喜欢, 但说实话, 我相信不单只大部份观众, 就连我自己, 也会觉得有点腻了。

人要成长, 演员也要成长! 演戏是艺术, 我不是红裤子出身, 没有一个专业的戏剧基础, 有的, 只是边演边学, 可幸的, 是我总有福份得到很多有经验的前辈演员教路, 如曾励珍, 郑则仕、郭峰、蒋志光、李国麟、黎耀祥、刘丹等,倘若有天我的演技获得真正的认同, 那我可以说是师成百家了!

说回聂致远, 我个人真的超喜欢这角色, 编剧把他描写得很立体, 也很"人"! 他能文能武, 有一颗自以为为正义而战的愚昧之心, 永远在忠义情上走钢索, 那种无奈、无能为力的伤痛, 正是聂致远最吸引我的地方!

其实, 此剧的每位演员都演得很好, 如胜雪、亨轩、亨辉、屠应龙、胡老爷、二叔......等, 大家都真的很用心, 希望大家可以用心去品尝这部戏, 能细味一下背后的张力, 更觉迷人!

今天, 我由"成日安"变成"聂致远", 再由"周用恭"变成"池一宝", 很快, 我就会变成"蒲松龄", 再之后......我希望, 变出一个又一个的惊喜!


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