Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weight gain program

11/28/2013 14:17 Lately. have been filming nonstop; thin as a desiccated person; early October (my) weight's only 63 kg (138.9 lbs) ....middle October started to embark on a weight gain and strengthening fitness program. Almost two months now, my food intake these past two months is equivalent to four months' in the past. This morning got up from bed, with empty stomach I weighed in at 68.2 kg (149.9 lbs), so happy, one step closer to goal! The training process is tiring but I will persist. Thank you to two fitness instructors, Ricky and Jeffery!  Add oil to myself! 

11/28/2013 16:56  Sorry lo, you two; my goal is 75kg,will try hard to stabilize two old friends'   discontent, don't worry![偷笑][偷笑][偷笑]//@IvyKwok麗菁_Harpist: No way!!!  so annoying !!! (ho guai hak yan zang GA!!!) [右哼哼]//@枝Lam:[吃惊][左哼哼] 63KG!!!!![晕] don't sit next to me!!!!!!!!!![左哼哼][哼][右哼哼]

TN:  Yikes! 140 lbs only for his height? Extremely underweight! No wonder his friends are up in arms.



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