Monday, January 6, 2014

Updated: Steven's qq online chat with fans Jan 7 2014

~~ qq chatroom info on upcoming plans~~:

CNY - holidays spend with family

Fans alert: CNY concert in Canada - city not mentioned.

Will attend Storm in a Cocoon promo in HK, sing themesong live.

Plug new song in March nationwide

Cherish 2 album - June release mostly Mandarin songs

His new movie, "Next Stop, Love You Again" in theaters around April or May.

His plans for the year: movie, tv series, music album, mainland concert tour.


SIAC will air Feb 17 at 8:30 pm 32 episodes, finale last 2 episodes will air on a sunday. Prepare tissues.

may film a tvb series at year end

most unforgettable series: Where the Legend Begins; most exhausting series-Safeguards; most happy series: A Watchdog's Tale.
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Steven's scheduled online fanchat on qq chatroom Jan 7 at 11 am.
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