Monday, January 6, 2014

Steven's Beijing work studio officially opens for business

1月5日 15:17  Weather's fine in Beijing today!

Steven enroute to Beijing on Jan 5 to officially open his Beijing work studio

今天 15:41 Kang (Kong) Tao Yuan Steven Ma Work Studio (Beijing) officially opened for for business. 港桃園馬浚偉工作室(北京)正式營業![给力] [奥特曼][哈哈]

Steven showing off his office.  Not bad, with ample windows to let in the sun rays. Must be so thrilling and exciting for him to finally on the path to his dream of producing and directing his own movies.  His staff the envy of his, many already left messages (more than half of 641 weibo messages) on his weibo requesting employment with his company, even if the position is janitorial. haha!

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