Friday, January 3, 2014

Steven and Fala in Bosco's OysterMine

Fala Chen with Steven, Hillman and Bosco at Bosco's OsyterMine.
pix source: Fala Chen weibo 2014-01-04 01:52

Fala only tagged Bosco and OysterMine, omitting Steven and Hillman.
Gotta admit my biasness, of his 3 sisters I admire Fala's personality the most. She looks so happy in the pix. What a lovely picture of them two.

Hillman used to be Steven's and Bosco's too (I think) tvb manager.

Other times Steven and Fala saw each other outside work.
1) link Attend a mainland stage show Steven, Fala at The Yellow Storm charity stage play
2) link At Steven's 2011 birthday dinner with his 2 other sisters, Linda and Tavia
3) link + link2 At a Faye Wong's concert, Steven was there with Fala and her ex-bf, and others
4) link At Green Snake stage show premiere

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