Tuesday, February 25, 2014

epi 7 snapshot

 Ka Yeung's heart broke to find evidence of Haw Yee's adultery. Steven acted Ka Yeung's devastation and disbelief brilliantly.

Episode 7
Never judge a book by its cover; a beautiful attractive cover does not always mean a book with substance so is the case with Tze Ching (Natalie), who outwardly is gentle and pretty but in truth, a materialistic fraud who is a consummate liar.  Compassionate BB is totally  hoodwinked by Tze Ching fabricated sob story while Cho Gao so blinded by her beauty falls head over heels in love with her at first sight.  But Yin Fung has taken an instant dislike to BB’s new ‘ward’; she has a natural ferret instinct as she immediately onto 1st young mistress’ scheme to cultivate her own personal group of employees loyal only to her and her husband.

Having overcome their years of misunderstanding and though they will never be close friends, Bik Wan and BB have come to an understanding based on mutual respect for each other.  Bik Wan informs BB of the rotten trick Yin Fung played on Tze Ching to prevent her from being hired.

Ka Yeung continues with his subtle investigation in his sister’s murder.  Having implanted himself in the factory to look for clues, he now turns his attention to inside his home, still playacting the easy-going, innocuous 3rd young master.  While playing mahjong with his mother, his aunt and his sister-in-law, he is in fact gathering and storing information from the ladies’ conversation, and his ploy is rewarded when he finds out about Hau Yee’s abnormal behavior a month before her death, how despite her busy schedule she frequented a nunnery instead of her usual preference for another .  After the mahjong he searched Hau Yee’s room once more and found a big key in her possessions and pocketed it. He talks to Hau Yee’s maid to glean more information about Hau Yee’s atypical behavior before her death.

Meanwhile, so reprimanded by her mother-in-law for her meddling in the factor, 1st young mistress complaints in the private to her husband who also reprimanded her for her meddling. Their relationship is that of a a typical ambitious wife with a mild, good natured husband.

The next Ka Yeung follows his mother to temple on the pretext he wants to spend time with him.  When his mother is so preoccupied he asks questions of the nuns about his sister’s visits in the nunnery.   The next day he meets with BB in the factory and asks her if she has noticed anything different in Hau Yee’s conduct the period before her death.  BB is not happy that she is to give him information before he would tell her his own finding, but she obliges.  And so putting her info and his finding together, they concluded that Hau Yee was pregnant – a bombshell has just been dropped on them – two lives one body – who’s the father?  Ka Yeung takes BB to the room in the nunnery for a thorough search through.  BB: Why did she come here? KY: If I knew I wouldn’t be standing here now, wondering, right?”  How come a perceptive man like KY did not even think to open the windows but BB did?   Anyway, there is this trail leading in the back woods from the room.  And following the trail they come upon a hut – obviously a lovers’ hideout.   

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