Monday, February 24, 2014

Thoughts on siac episode 6

A really enjoyable epi 6 because lots of Stevia's scenes, and what's more, BB has toned down her loud behavior and incomprehensible antagonism towards the handsome 3rd young master. Ka Yeung is devious with his pretend-to-leave-home plot to to allay his 2nd uncle and cousin's suspicion of him being onto them. I was totally taken in; so moved when old Mr. Pong came after KY to stop him from leaving. But do feel for Ka Hin seeing how his father never loves him as much as he loves his siblings. I also enjoyed Bik Wan and Ka Hin's love story flashback too. Ka Hin looked so funny in his wig. Natalie's character reminds me of Sonija Kwok's character in "Where the Legend Begins" in that she would probably turn on BB who has befriended her in her time of need. Overall, a light and entertaining episode.

Favorite scene:
Ka Yeung touring the factory as the newly appointed dual boss. He purposefully sets out to build a rapport with both his male and female employees, charming them all. Outwardly, he looks relaxed but his eyes are sharp and observant.

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