Wednesday, March 12, 2014

epi 17 BB sweeter than dao fu fa?

SS:  Aren't you afraid?

BB looks up from the bowl of dao fu fa to find SS gazing intently at her.

That darn smile of his slowly spreading across his face.

At seeing his enigmatic smile, heart's thumping, SS quickly looks down (did she blush, just a little?) She's probably thinking to herself - "What's the matter with me? Why feel so shy suddenly? So darn annoying?" But sweetness courses through her anyway.

mmm! So sweet! mmm! And so smooth!
Tis' true when you have the sweetness in you, anything you eat will be sweet!
Or very silky smooth!

And of course saying it once is not enough, must say it many times for emphasis!
Yes, SS, even the hawker get it - for the young (in love) no need to add the amber sugar rock as sweetener - everything is just naturally sweet and..smooth.

Anybody suddenly has an urge for a bowl of sweet dao fu fa?

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  1. great romantic scene ! best I have seen which captures moments and feelings subtlely