Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scoops news on Siac

From this recent Scoop news, am sure Ka Hin is not Hau Yee's killer. The identity of her killer will be revealed this week thus ending her storyline and starting a new storyline for the 2nd half of the series. I suspect the next storyline is the fight for the ownership of Wing Tai Lung, first with the brothers against 2nd uncle, then brother against brother.

The probability of Ka Sing causing Hau Yee's death is pretty high right now. Whoever is the 'killer', I hope the script on the incident is ingenious and makes perfect sense. Not the usual TVB's think-audiences-are-stupid, mind-stretching revelation for shock effect.

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【on.cc东网专讯】 马浚伟忙於为新碟录音,对主演的新剧《守业者》收视攀升,令同剧演员感到振奋,看到戏中一班好兄弟姊妹买生果到录音室探他班,马浚伟感到好开心:「好多人 赞剧集歌曲旋律优美,想唔到反应咁热烈。啲网民仲将歌曲配上唔同画面放上互联网播放,点击率竟然超过十万。」


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