Tuesday, March 11, 2014

epi 17 SS making his moves on BB

BB: Men are so despicable
SS: Wei! I've never looked down on female workers.
Look at petulant BB, her lips so pouty, a basket can hang over them.  Haha!

SS: But actually so long two people are genuinely in love, what's there to fear?
Discerning as BB, she of course gets his hint or is it hint -- so ambiguous, so subtle - how can she be sure? After all she is but a female worker while he's the 3rd son of a prominent family - so confusing!

SS stops their stroll. Looking straight into her eyes to get her full attention and perhaps to gauge her reaction, SS says earnestly: "Bing Bing, as a person, sometimes must learn to accept news things."  SS is confused, is there a hidden underlying meaning within the meaning of his words Bing Bing who is always so vocal does not know what to say.  As omniscient audience we of course know that Sam Siu is indeed hitting on her, but given their time and their sensitive situation and that he is a man of his time, he has to be subtle with his advances so as not to scare her away. To  woo her and have her accept his advance he must first help her to discard her outdated views on the restrictive tradition and irrational old customs.

SS is encouraged by BB's silent acceptance of his advice on change.  The last sc is just because SS and BB are cute carrying their respective medical boxes.

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