Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Epi 17 SS and BB on the bridge

How to justify filming on location when the extra spending does not reflect in higher ratings?

Episode 17 – Truly, BB seems to be given an unusual elevated status in Wing Tai Lung, first by Hau Yee and now by SS, as she joins the two Poon brothers to interrogate Kwok Leung of his crime. But the trio’s interrogation of Kwok Leung is abruptly interrupted by a mysterious fire in a nearby storage building. Leaving Ka HIn to keep watch on Kwok Leung, SS and BB rush out to stop the fire, and when done they return to the interrogation room but is told by Ka Hin that Kwok Leung attacked him from the back and had escaped. SS is of course suspicious of Ka Hin’s words but what can he do but to take the latter’s words at face value? Guess he can now truly relate to BB’s feeling when her own brother, Ching Gan, was once a suspect too. Ka Hin’s facial expressions and subtle actions are truly suspicious but then so were Ching Gan’s too until the truth was revealed.

The Poon brothers can no longer hide the truth of Kwok Leung’s embezzlement of company funds and his impregnation of Yin Foon from their father, so they apprised their father of Kwok Leung’s crimes. With Kwok Leung’s crimes so exposed, 2nd uncle plays his pity card on Mr. Poon to mitigate the dire situation of his covering up Kwok Leung’s crimes, and also to prevent Mr. Poon from examining the ledgers to discover that he too (besides KL) has embezzled funds. Henceforth, Kwok Leung is a fugitive pursued by the law. Will he turn up dead in the next episode? Ka Hin's actions are becoming increasingly suspicious.

And now to one my favorite scenes– yes, Stevia scenes.
So, thinking that Kwok Leung must be the person who killed Hau Yee, SS and BB visit Hau Yee’s tomb. BB says that thinking back, Hau Yee was actually quite pitiful. (note: Hau Yee – smart woman -foolish choices in men) SS tells BB that strong as Hau Yee would not appreciate being pitied by other people.

Wow! What picturesque and tranquil scenery.

Their bridge scene has no big dramatic actions, no emotional outburst or humorous dialogues, no special effects or anything exciting happening, so Steven and Tavia had to act out this scene through nuances like subtle facial expressions and voice moderation and of course good dialogues to capture the viewers’ attention. As the camera panned from shooting afar the panoramic scene to slowly zooming in on SS and BB, I felt like intruder eavesdropping on their private conversation, as if two’s company but three’s crowd on that arched bridge. There is a sense of solitary stillness and a pristine serenity in the surrounding of an unspoiled nature that makes one’s feel reluctant to intrude. SS & BB’s relax heart-to-heart talk ‘quiet’ scene fits just right in with their environment. As the camera zoomed even closer we see them close up; their subtle body nuances, their little frowns, their little smiles, their little glances; the biggest action being BB standing with arms akimbo looking much like the peasant woman that she is before she crouches down. (Kudos to both Steven and Tavia for maintaining their crouched position.)

With BB, SS can speak his mind with her, share his anxiety, confusion and fears and knows that she understands. His biggest fear is what he might unravel should he continue to pull the loose thread of his sister’s death. BB directly gets to point - what will he do if he later finds out there is another problematic person in the Poon family? SS: “I don’t know but if Heaven really wants to test me there’s nothing I can about it.” BB then wonders whether their investigation would clear up the matter or make it even murkier? BB berates herself for being too nosy but SS assures her that he is very grateful to her for accompanying him the past months. re: my AF post#9 (BB's strong conviction unequivocally anchored those doubts into a certainly, he got to be at least grateful someone on the same waveline as his?) Aww! So sweet! At hearing his praise BB suddenly feels bashful, and her heart flutters not just a little, much like how she has felt when he had looked at her the same way that he is looking at her now. (re: epi 16)

SS: “I don’t know but if Heaven really wants to test me there’s nothing I can about it.”

SS: Actually I'm very grateful to you for accompanying me these past months. 
Once again BB is suddenly overcome by shyness, and maybe her heart beats just a little faster?

SS says: "Once the mystery is unraveled, I'll for sure.." and he caught himself in mid-sentence. What was he going to say? Certainly not the reworded sentiment that everybody in the Poon family will be grateful to her. And of course BB caught SS's slip of tongue but she plays along and quickly ends their conversation on a light note. She says they will continue to act Bao Ching Tin and will flush out the perpetrator no matter who he/she is.

How beautiful is the sunset?

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  1. I really enjoy the SS/BB scenes, and you can see a romance starting to bud between the two in episode 17. My fave was the tofu dessert scene in this episode, where the two of them "flirt" with one another. I also found the scene with SS and BB carrying their medicine/doctor bags (one Western, other Chinese) very cute as they both used their own expertise to help Yeen Foon. I also find Steven's acting amazing where he uses his eyes as the window to his soul, and you can just imagine all the thoughts going through his mind as he continues to raise suspicion about his sister's death. Very well done!