Wednesday, March 12, 2014

siac epi 18

Unlike Maggie's explosive, heartrending emotional cliffhanger in epi 17, epi 18 ends with Steven's more nuanced angst performance . Here Steven displayed his facial expression acting prowess with successive subtle facial expressions. The scene shows BB successfully coaxing a maudlin SS out of his depressive state to levity.  SS's panel of facial expressions from despondent, to wry smile, to trying to control his emotion to feeling better and finally to smiling through his tears.   Bravo!

BB has a compassionate nature so it is not surprising that she would reach out to comfort someone in distress, so when SS laments that he doesn't know who to trust as it seems anybody in his family has something to hide, true to her nature BB immediately blurts out, "SS, you still have me!"  "No matter how ferocious the battlefield is I'll still accompany you to kill the enemies. I'm Bao Gong, you're Jin Chiu! We will right the wrong done to 2nd Miss's death."

BB's dramatic declaration momentarily snaps SS out of his maudlin state of mind.
In spite of himself, a solitary tear escaped from the corner of his right eye.

He surreptitiously wipes his tears on his shirt, and tries to collect him. He's being taught (by Hao Yee) a man shouldn't shed tears too easily, and in front of a woman at that. Chinese saying: A real man's tears are not easily shed not until he is hurt to his very core.

He sees the irony of their situation -them from such different backgrounds not only met each other but became good friends at that. BB also sees the irony of their situation. And what's more, that she is right now comforting a vulnerable SS. How capricious is Heaven's will (more like whim?) tying up their fates together? Sensing their strange intertwined fate BB suddenly feels bashful again.

BB coaxes SS out of his maudlin state with her being Bao Gong and him being Jin Chiu.  SS doesn't want to be Jin Chiu because he is too tired (to fight).  BB says he must and proceeds to pretend to be Jin Chiu holding a staff pounding on the floor to signal the commencement of a tribunal hearing -- Wei Wu! Wei Wu!  SS allows himself  to be coaxed out of his maudlin thoughts.  All's well again for SS, at least for the time being when his burden is shared. Undoubtedly BBSS's relationship has been elevated to the next phase when SS opened up his vulnerability to BB.

Don't know why but when BB acted out that Wei wu action it reminds me of that one Stevia's tv news video whereby Steven wore the same helpless look as SS's when Tavia pretended to beat a drum to demonstrate Steven's erratic heartbeats.

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