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Edited Mar 23 2014 Steven - contrasts

Steven's chameleon look has been a puzzle to me since way back when.

ETA to my AF 2010 commentary at the bottom. 
Me bemoaning -- And his hair, his hair, oh, his hair.  How I loathe his present hairstyle with the bangs cut straight high across his forehead.  I don't dislike bangs on man, just dislike how it is cut straight across way up on his forehead. How can he not see that hairstyle is just so unbecoming on an adult male?  Some weibo fans have already advised him to stylishly gell up his bangs. Honestly, I literally winced when I first saw the below photos just like how I cringed when I saw the same hairstyle (at different length) in Apprentice Chef 1 and when he was guest in TVB Book of Words (1).  How his whole look can change from looking urbane to provincial with just a different hairstyle.  In the now defunct, some of us there used to bemoan Steven's unbecoming hairstyles he sported over the years, and the bowl-shape-high-straight-bangs-across-forehead hairstyle was the consensus worst SM's hairstyle.  And it's back! Urgh!

2014 March -- ahhh!! Hair pulling angst!

Bangs are ok if stylishly swept to the side and not cut bowl-shape high on the forehead like the above photos. In fact, Steven looks pretty good in bangs in the pictures below:


RE: my 2010 commentary
My 1st inkling of Steven's contradictory traits was from this 1999 news report.

"Steven in real life has set high standards for himself. Whatever he does, it has to be done well. He says he has a dual personality. During the day under the bright sunlight, he is lively and outgoing. But come nightfall, under the darkened sky, he likes to be alone with his thoughts, quietly meditating on stuff."

Steven is a person of contrasts/contradictory traits  – he has a boyish look but possesses a deep, booming masculine voice. His looks changes constantly: in some pictures he looks youthful and boyish; in others, he looks haggard and older. His eyes sometimes single lidded, other times double lidded. His eye bags come and go. On screen he always presents a sunny and cheerful personality; in writings, he shows a more somber personality. On tv he is always surrounded by people or entertaining others; but in his writing he seems so solitary and very private, striving to look for equilibrium in his life. To me, Steven is most true to himself when he is writing. In his recent book, he left a piece of himself in it, generously inviting his readers to get to know him better.

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