Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Steven and Maggie Cheung at a movie preview

Maggie was super excited to see Steven at the Heaven is for real premiere.  And Steven looked at her like  "what's the matter with you? " haha  Maggie was totally acting like a giddy girl around Steven, so happy she was to see him again. So did they meet each other there coincidentally or not?
Haha! Look at how Maggie "pounces" on Steven the second she sees him and surreptitiously checked out Steven's muscles. Haha! They are such old friends that she calls Steven as old friend who know each well that words are unnecessary. 好開心見到許久沒見又不需多言的老拍擋

Steven and Maggie attended the movie preview of "Heaven is for Real", an American Christian movie.

Omg!I love the soft glow of Maggie's face looking so tenderly at Steven! I guess Maggie likes that photo too. check out its enlarged pix 

source: news 粤夜粤娱乐 4/16/2014
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Akazukin: And we were just talking about "Better Halves" and here they were watching the movie together. I wonder if their meeting was coincidental or one of them called up the other.  Where was Fala? lol!


  1. Is any of them starring in this movie? Yeah, wondering if it was a coincidence since I never thought that they kept in contact after not collaborating for so long and Maggie seemed to disappear from the entertainment circle of friends after her illness. Is Fala meant to be there?

    1. No, I was just being 'funny' with my Fala's remark. lol! Per news reports, Steven and Fala had attended stage plays together in the past. Sandra Mclvor has explained the movie, which is based on a book adaptation written by a father to tell of his 10 year old son's return from death, the latter swearing he had been in heaven and that heaven is for real. You can listen to the boy's and his parents' interviews on youtube.

    2. Steven did meet up with Maggie for a badminton game when they were both filming in Hengdian.

  2. Heaven is for Real is an American Christian film