Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GH Steven Ma's costumes 8/22-8/23 2014

Thank you to those who made the effort to snap photos and upload them to share with fans. I know first hand just how difficult and distracting it could be to snap photos while watching a concert. Below are selected photos to show off Steven's costumes worn in his 3-day concert. Personally, besides the traditional and staid suit and tie costumes, I wish Steven would be more flamboyant, bold and diverse with his stage costumes style and colors, heck, why not thrown in a Chinese robe with hat when singing his Shanghai Bund medley or dressed like Sam Siu in a zhong shan tunic when singing Heaven's Will. Steven always looks so good in those two period costumes so show off that scholarly and elegant side of him to the fullest, at the same time breaking the monotony of dark and white suits.

Also, in future concerts besides displaying his elegance, charms, playfulness, spontaneity and the gift of gab, he can also reinvent his stage persona by displaying the sultry and sexy side of him - dare to do a Latin Dance number dressed in a slinky form-fitting costume  (scroll to SM-Sonija vid or samba) or a smooth elegant waltz attired in his ballroom tuxedo. (ref.waltz mv)  Anyway, of all his live singing performances I've watched online to date, I love his youtube愛之初体驗fanblog the most because his exuberance doing doing that little dance number is so obvious therefore very contagious even thru my computer screen;  I'd love to have watched him perform that live on stage.


Bow-tie vs skinny leather tie (I prefer the latter)




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  1. Yup, his dance moves are really fluid, very sexy.

  2. I regret so much for not joining my sisters attending his show at GH. If he comes again, I will never want to miss it again.

    Tamaya, thank you so much for having this bog. I cannot read Chinese and very much depends on you on his updates.

    1. Jane, you're welcome. Do you understand Cantonese or Mandarin? His radio and tv interviews provide excellent updates on him, which I used to also transcribe but have gotten lazy to do these days.

    2. I can understand simple Cantonese and Mandarin (my Mandarin is worst than Cantonese). I love watching his interviews. Thank you so much, Tamaya.