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Updated: weibo5/18/2014 Steven's latin dance moves

related post: Steven teaches you Latin Dance to the music of 最炫民族风 .

Steven reposting a video uploaded on weibo think it's tvb 2007 欢乐满东华

another source: youtube

6/12/2011 23:10 Hahahaha!  Interesting......but, my dance steps were off!  Should be on 2、3、4 and 1!  Heehee!   哈哈哈哈!有意思.....不過,我的舞步抓錯拍子了!應該是on 2、3、4 and 1才對!嘻嘻!

Applaud Steven as an artiste not afraid to try out new arts and stuff, and not bad at it too. Steven showing off the sinuous grace of a dancer in this unlikely crossover of East meets West.   Honestly, quite weird.  The couple were all angst when wailing out Dai Lui Fa but went all distant and cold when dancing their 'hot' salsa number.  Gotta say, Steven does have a lissome and lithe body like a willowy snake.  haha! 

Comparatively, video below is Steven and Joyce singing the classic Cantonese opera song, Dai Lui Fa - (one of their numerous duet renditions on stage usually performed for a fundraising charity tv show.)

---see my comment on the latin combo dance when it first appeared online, + my much later conversation with an AF SM fan on Steven's different dances. ---


Tamaya@ AF# post 410 
Posted 15 December 2007 - 11:24 AM
I am speechless by their performance, as in dumbfounded and traumatized. (gasp!) First they sang a duet of Dai Lui Fa (the classic Cantonese Opera song), then they did a Latin dance to a fast beat of Perish in the Name of Love theme song. It's different all right, truly thinking out of the box (applaud), but not sure if I appreciate it though. I need time to recover from this this.....travesty. But I did enjoy it anyhow. Lol!!  Steven can really shake his booty! And with his close-cropped head, it was truly a sight to behold! Btw, Steven looks better in the video than those still shots uploaded on line previously.


His latin dance with Joyce Koi in their 2007 Canada concert.

Posted 07 February 2012 - 01:05 PM

1)Sonija and Steven in 2002 Latin Number   vid link
With Sonia .....I can feel his excitement ....his thrill......
He is really saying to the whole wide world....."WATCH ME, I CAN DANCE!"
HIs technique is actually ok......tho he is not quite as polished in some places........
The confidence and trust he has with his partner is evident.......
obviously they had worked very hard to present it.......

He could not help himself......he is smiling...........positively glowing from inside....


2) Bernice and Steven in 2007 tvb anniversary gala vid link

With Bernice....... There is a poise that comes with his maturity ..
A confidence from his experience.........(as well as a well rehearsed number......)
An achingly beautiful number he is totally in tune with.....
Natural grace and elegance......

You can also see that smile coming from within him.....

I like both clips.....

The thing about really the joy one derives from it..........

He was smiling beautifully and from his heart in both.......

That is all that matters.....

Tamaya: AF#1383 
Posted 07 February 2012 - 01:45 PM

Well said! In 2002 video with Sonija, Steven looks and acts like the young buck he was then eagerly showing off his dancing (aka swagger). He exudes exuberance and natural grace. Though wobbling in certain hand gestures and moves, he makes up for them with passion and excitement. But the connection and eye contact between partners is missing, their movements too rushed and not controlled enough. I seldom use this adjective on Steven but he actually looks quite the 'hot' hearthrob stud as he struts his stuff sensuously in the video. haha!  (added 2013: I miss that 'hotness' that came from youthful bravado which, sadly, the years have now tempered  -- nowadays he is way too mild-mannered. )

But I love the his dance with Bernice more. Maturity, controlled movements, elegance and grace and poise, smoothness, confidence, connection to partner and better dancing techniques made this dance number more enjoyable for me to watch  (despite the few noticeable breaks in their dance continuity). Their slow dance is definitely much better than their fast one in the group dance. 

Joyce Koi
And in his sino-latino fusion dance with Joyce Koi, though I cringed through their dance, his slow swaying of his lissome body was actually quite sexy, though his bald head was quite incongruous (not to mention very distracting) with the image of a sexy Latin dancer. Here, his dance is too detached like he was just going through the movement with practised moves, that's it.


Jeongmalro @AF#1387 
Posted 08 February 2012 - 03:35 AM

About that number with Joyce Koi.......

Wasn't about to comment on that...........

It's a weird feeling alright.......

Perhaps it MIGHT be better if he had hair......a sign of virility that might enhance the image.
His head, neck and body was so segued that he looked like an eel with legs....

I'd venture that he might consider his costume more carefully.......something to give his shoulders definition (to square it off)

allow his head to be crowned upon his shoulders instead of seamlessly blended in a single black slink outfit.

Other than that......he was definitely graceful with the right amount force and necessary sway in his body language.

Real smooth.

Tamaya @AF#1388  on 8 February 2012 - 7:42 AM
"His head neck and body was so segued that he looked like an eel with legs...."  
Hahaha! I myself had this image of a snake - like a snake waist, a swaying cobra but eel is good too. Other than that, your description was right on for me.

There was no break, no defining of his body - like you said - seamless from hairless head to sheathed-eel-like body!


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