Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steven Ma learns to repair cars in 《技行天下》


A few days ago, Hong Kong artist, Steven Ma, attended the studio recording of Guangdong Satellite TV Station's reality show 《技行天下》as a celebrity guest. During the interview, Steven, who had stayed in TVB for almost 20 years before leaving, said: "2013 and 2014 have been the happiest two years for me since joining the industry because of absolute freedom."  During our chat on the topic for this episode, "Automotive Sheet Metal Works" (汽车钣金工), Steven interjected that "wielding" and automotive repairs are "very easy" because while in junior high he studied at a vocational school.  He even disclosed to this reporter that "auto mechanics' wages are quite high."《技行天下》will air every Sunday starting September 14 at 9:20 pm.

Recently, TVB artists continue to leave, either heading for mainland or venturing into other occupational sectors for further development. Steven was asked the reason for leaving TVB. He said: "Over time I started to feel dry; the watering's gone; how to continue acting?"  So, he left because he sought to absorb new things, to work with different artists in mainland and with different production teams to create new sparks. He explained that his leaving TVB does not mean they would not collaborate again in the future, just that the form of their collaboration has changed, that's all. "Presently for myself, I don't have a long term contract with TVB, so everytime I film a tvb series I would have to sign a brand new contract with TVB for that very series. I actually like this kind of work relationship."  

For this particular 《技行天下》episode studio recording, as the celebrity guest Steven worked with the contestants in fixing cars. Steven said because he studied carpentry, electronics, welding etc in junior high he is actually not the delicate celebrity as perceived by others. To him, being able to personally experience firsthand the different kinds of occupations is very meaningful indeed.

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