Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steven as guest on Tai Wan Wai's culinary show

Tai Wan Wai 戴蘊慧「煮場真味」
Steven is her first guest on her new online culinary show commencing August 11 2014. To watch please download 壹週Plus app on cellphone to watch the show. Can you believe Ms. Tai is already 45 years old and a grandmother to her 23 year-old son's infant daughter to boot?

Episode 3
【煮場真味】馬仔自認「老粗」 懷念媽媽拿手銀針粉 08/13/2014

Episode 2 
【煮場真味】戴蘊慧談乳名 馬仔合組「真威水」 08/12/2014

【煮場真味】戴蘊慧馬浚偉炮製夏日開胃涼菜 08/11/2014

sources: 8月10日 16:11 ;  8月10日 15:57

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