Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The stamp of time passage on Steven's appearance.

pix credit taddy吳浩良
20 years before and after photos of Steven and Taddy.

See how uncannily similar young Steven's and mature Steven's jacket are with their floral patterns? Thank goodness mature Steven did not have young Steven's bangs. And oh notice the contrast of colors:- white/light colors for the adolescents vs black/dark colors for the 'adults'. (except for the blond hair) Both young & mature Steven even have similar eyebags so I wish fans would just quit complaining about his heavy eyebags already. Mature Steven's face has somehow elongated with time maybe that's why he has his bangs?  And also he has grown much taller too than Taddy. [哈哈]

Overall,  Father Time has been kind to both men over the years.

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