Thursday, August 7, 2014

Steven Ma wants to portray a perverted man

So, what kind of pervert/psycho do you want to see Steven portray?

- an engaging good looking mentally ill Norman Bates in Psycho -- like actor Anthony Perkins, who at the time was "a young, boyishly handsome leading heartthrob at the time"

- a nice, charming seductor inspired by real life coldhearted, highly intelligent Ted Bundy?

- other suggestions

Ignore the news since it is the same rehashing of old news, it's not the first time that Steven has indicated his interest to portray a psycho, so just enjoy the newly revealed photos of an old set of photos taken way back when on June 19. Some of the photos in the set have already been used for a June 19 2014 news report and for a July 7 video reporting.

Monday's child is fair of face

To round up the set of uploaded photographs online so far, here are the June and July publicized photos.

The various news sites have belatedly included a video clip on their news site..
The Sun Entertainment
orientaldaily pix and video

related material 2007 news SM An Ocean Concealed in a Water Droplet

2007 interview on villain roles:
S: I often requested the company to cast me as a villain. But…. There are different types of villains. Some people seem to be born evil. (smile) This kind is pointless. I want to portray a person with a story. There must be reasons behind his turning evil, unless he’s psychotic. Actually, I would like to take on the role of a psychotic killer, or something similar; like he would randomly kill anyone he sees but stops when he sees a child. The kind of character that will arouse people’s curiosity as to his motive. Actually, it is always been this way: even the most evil person has his/her good side, likewise, a good person has his/her dark side. Anyway, I hope I’ll have an opportunity to take up different roles. 

Today’s viewers have become smarter. They know how to separate a character in a series from its actor in real life. Like Susanna Kwan from the recent “The Heart of Greed”- she was outstanding and is now very popular. But she is a villain in that series. Did the viewers hate her - no, because that is only acting. If your portrayal of a villain is not evil enough, then that is not good. If your villain is diabolical, then you don’t have to worry, just let down your guards and go all the way. With the same token, there are also different types of protagonists. 

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