Friday, September 26, 2014

Steven's Generation Show: September 27 at 9:15 pm

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Steven singing Andy Lau's 1995 classic song 《真永远》as tribute to his idol, Andy Lau. Note: Steven's 1999 JGS imitation    Steven also sang a snatch of Heaven's Will from Storm in a Cocoon.  

pix source: 深圳卫视年代秀 - demonstrates the importance of lighting in effecting different looks.   

above images sourced from weibo - show off his mini lantern

I really enjoyed watching this show.  Even though it's over an hour long, the time passed rather quickly and easily with much laughter.  That being said, I prefer the old format of having artists from different generations as guests rather than the presence format of guests versus resident guests/hosts. I guess the generation placement proved to be too much of a hassle? Comparing his previous Generation Show to this one, Steven definitely looks better fair (more youthful looking) than the present overly tan (leathery) complexion. As his intro, Steven is praised for being a tvb series rating general, wah! how gratifying is that?  I didn't know who William Chan was before this show but I'm impressed by his performance here, Steven's was great too.  And  鸥哥赵屹鸥 is such a great host. However, I couldn't believe how Lee Xiang as a hostess could be so crass as to bash TVB on tv, thank goodness for Steven's gracious response to deflect that pitfall to bad mouth his old employer. And poor 2011 MHK Rebecca Chu for being dragged into it.  Love the "show and tell" segment whereby the actors/actresses showed off the  'necessities' they brought with them during filming. Guess Steven's "must have treasures".

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William: Hello Kitty battery recharger & a battery operated mini fan
Ye Qing: a battery powered mini misting fan
Steven: a battery operated mini lantern with foldable legs, a student water bottle (transformers), a pencil box (transformers), a battery operated mini fan. 
Note: Gotta give it to Steven for having the most 'childish' possession on hand. Actually he had already talked about these treasures of his on weibo years ago. 

more pix on 深圳卫视年代秀 weibo 9/27/2014; 9月27日 23:029月27日 22:529月27日 22:30 ; 9月27日 22:12 ; 9月27日 21:39 ; 9月27日 21:22

To watch the  video (when uploaded much later) go here to select any one of the  video sites.

-- previous airing notice  ---

Preview of Shenzhen satellite tv station variety show, "The Generation Show" (深圳卫视年代秀) .

Steven and William Chan(陈伟霆)'s Generation Show will air this Saturday, September, 27th at 9:15 pm. Should be able to stream 深圳卫视 live at 21.15 on these portals: qq live ; dl 风云TVapp for iphone.

To watch the  video (when uploaded much later) go here to select various video sites.

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  1. Watched the show. Am not the least impressed by that will Ian chan his singing sucks. Can't hear clearly what was he singing especially in the beginning. Was it canto or mandarin. Definitely a no no for me. Steven is still the best.

    1. When I said 'performance' I didn't just mean stage performance but overall performance from start to finish. Though a bit on the reticent side William was spontaneous, pleasant, very likable and presented himself well to a national wide TV audience. As for his singing, though I didn't know what he sang either (lol), his performance was done with youthful exuberance and high energy; I found it most entertaining to watch.

  2. I meant William Chan. Is he the son of tvb actor 石修?