Sunday, December 14, 2014

Steven as judge in Guangzhou TV beauty pageant

Guangzhou 21st  "美在花城新星大赛" beauty pageant on Dec 14 at 8: 20 pm live on:  综合频道 生活频道 and PPTV 直播  (廣州電視台).  Steven and Patrick Kong (birth name: Yip Lim Sum 葉念琛) are in the judging panel.  Kong happens to be the director of movie version, Return of the Cuckoo, which Steven's character is killed off in the storyline.

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PPTV works fine for me but the focus is of course on the contestants. Haiz! For someone who don't even watch Miss Hong Kong or Miss Chinese international shows or most any beauty pageant tv shows, I actually tuned in to watch this one,  albeit late (the last two contestants on the interview segment onwards), just to see Steven.

Swimsuit -  interview:
Contestant# 4:

Contestant#5 is very pretty and poised with a sweet voice, and I like the her answer likening Steven to a plain mantou (bun) because that bun is a staple food of her hometown. (MC: What if she personally made the bun for you?) Steven: I'll go home with her then. I guess the audience like her too by giving her a high score.

Contestant#6: The skinniest at 43 kg/95 lbs. Q: Whom do you want to work with, Patrick or Steven or this very Guangzhou TV station? She picks the latter because hopefully by working in this tv station she might have the chance to work with either Steven or Patrick at the station in the near future. She gets the highest score yet - A good answer that.  eta: She gave the best answer.

Contestant#7: Say you are Monk Tang Seng (as in Monkey King), who would you choose to take with you on your journey.  (the 2 mcs, plus Steven)  Why Steven - as Sandy, cos' of Steven's handsomeness he is more likely to be abducted instead of Monk Tang himself (something like that, lol).  The male mc as monkey cos' he is quick on his feet, and female mc as piggy cos' she is so pretty. (huh?)

Contestant#8: At 18 years old, she's the youngest. Her mom was the 1st beauty queen of this beauty pageant. I forgot what the question posed to her. (guess it is not Steven related question.)

contestant#9: Cringeworthy shrill voice. Given the choice, she picks to act a 200 over lbs fat character.

Contestant#10: When asked which 2 words would make her mad. She says: Piao liang (pretty) because she is a feminist.  MC then asked her to "sai jiao" (coquettish) to the audience.

contestant#11: Q: Persuade Patrick to cast her in his movie.  oops! She got the wrong cast names in Return of the Cuckoo, and was stump to come up with the names of Patrick's other movies.

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-- results spoiler --

Top 5 contestants: #5, 6, 7, 8, 10
Contestants #4, #9, #11 are out.
Top 3: contestants #5, #6, #7 #8, #10,
# 6 seems like the hot favorite among the live audience.
#8 got the most awards

2nd runner up: #10 (oops! Lipstick on her front teeth)
1st runner up: #5 (dejected, she couldn't hide her disappointment)
Beauty queen: #8
才智奖 award: #6 (based on her answer)
Media favorite: #10
Miss Congeniality: #9
Netizens' favorite: #7
Miss Photogenic: #8
Most Potential in  Performing Arts Award: #8


  1. Thank you so much, Tamaya. I miss the live show. I wonder whether there is any recorded show online?