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Revised Feb 5 2015: Steven Dubbed Movie Grey Wolf, and sang theme song

今天 19:42  Well, I just like Grey Wolf more.. hehe! This coming Lunar New Year, everybody do go watch Grey Wolf dubbed by me ba. Also, I sang Grey Wolf's theme song Haha!   我就是喜歡灰太狼多一點......嘻嘻!今年農曆年,大家去看看我聲演的灰太狼吧、還有我唱的灰太狼主題曲啊哈哈


source sm fb fanblog

Eta: Feb 2 2015 weibo


Steven dubbed the Cantonese movie version, but sang both the Mandarin and Cantonese theme song versions. 

The guy in the pix was also a judge in「技行天下」last episode (animation) and the creator of the cartoon show too.  Guess that's how Steven got this job. Good for him. 

Grey Wolf is a character in this popular mainland tv cartoon show: "Amazing Pleasant Goat and " (喜羊羊與灰太狼).

Steven's deep, pleasing voice is very suitable for voice-over, narrating, and dubbing jobs. Early in his career, Steven participated in several radio drama broadcasts, and sung numerous theme songs for tv cartoon shows, some of which he actually composed the music and wrote the lyrics for them.  He also narrated a 2010 tvb tv program 光影流情 Ⅱ  and  “Since 1967”《由1967开始》.

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