Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Steven Ma declines film offers due to health reason

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Steven Ma's Health Woes April 2nd 2015
sources: 3 weekly magazine ; HK Channel

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Steven's heart condition news first surfaced in 2007 - SM is dying of a strange disease.
his 1st sensationalized health news appeared in 2003? - SM has cancer? Don't scare me!









  1. Hi Tamaya. May I ask if this is a recent article or piece of old news?

  2. Thank you. Tamaya. Wow he has better take care of his ailing health. Don't over work. Try to reduce volume of work. Haiz

  3. Thanks for the update, Tamaya. Definitely best wishes to Steven and hope his health gets better!

    One question I had -- given his health situation, do you know if there is any truth to the earlier reports that Steven will be returning to film a series for TVB this year? Given TVB's grueling filming environment that doesn't give artists opportunity to rest, I would think that filming for them would aggravate his health issues even more, no?

    1. Steven said "IF schedule permits" and "if script is agreeable" "the earliest he could film a tvb series would be at year end". So his filming a tvb series depends on many variables, the biggest being his health. Your guess is as good as mine, but don't hold your breath. We'll know for sure when he actually starts filming the series.

    2. @Tamaya: Thanks, though honestly I'm NOT looking forward to him filming for TVB again. Steven deserves to film higher quality series and from all the job opportunities he's gotten since leaving the station, he doesn't really need TVB, plus he's not bogged down by contract, so he shouldn't have to go back and film a series per year like other artists do. Also, we already know that there won't be any originality in that if he films a series for TVB, he will probably be paired with Tavia or Linda again, which I'm kind of tired of seeing. Like you said though, I guess we'll find out for sure once he actually starts filming the series.

  4. High 5 Llwy12. Definitely no pairing with Tavia Yeung or Linda again. Really SICK of it !!!

  5. Hey! Come to think of it. Though Steven had ever acted in the same drama with Kate Tsui previously but they have never acted as lovers ya? So wouldn't it be a new 尝试 if they can be paired off as a couple ?

  6. I'm with you two, no more Tavia or Linda as partners please. And like llwy12, also iffy at Steven filming a same old same TVB series with same old same partners (at least better than with the highly promoted Ms. HK newbie young actresses).

    Sorry, not a Kate Tsui fan myself.

  7. hello! I'm Fala Anh! I'm from VietNam!
    I want go to Steven...:(((

    1. Maybe if you are lucky you can bump into him on HK streets. haha~ Good luck!

  8. Tamaya and fans of Steven. Did you read the steven's blog where one netizen "branded" steven as "墙脚男"。juz could not understand why this fellow so uptight. Those were just their characterd in the shows and it' s definitely not Steven's fault. Crazy nut to come out with such illogical nickname.!!!.Xiao nan meaning insane person in Hokkien.

    1. haha! Calm down. She (糖糖妈妈0809) ? said "墙脚男" in jest. See her laughing icon. In fact, from her past posting, she is a devout SM fan. Anyway, Fans and Steven are all taking that article with a pinch of salt and laugh it off as another piece of trash tabloid that it is.

  9. Typo error. Should be characters.