Sunday, May 31, 2015

Steven Ma and Susanna Kwan's Pre-Concert Warm Up

Artist Steven Ma is the special guest on today's《Sunday 靚歌聲王 Sunday Songbird》 recording while the evening guest-of-honor is Susanna Kwan. Steven reveals he will sing two duets with Ms. Kwan, namely:《只有情永在》and《樓台會》 eta and solo 亲密爱人. He also reveals that Liza Wang had invited him twice to this tv program prior but because of schedule conflict he had to decline, hence during the rehearsal he got a scolding from Ah Jeh (Liza).

As to his sharing the same stage with heavyweight veterans - Susanna Kwan, Liza Wang, Adam Cheng and Lawrence Ng (伍衞國) et al, he feels pressure. (in such eminent company). Since he and Ms. Kwan will be heading out soon to Canada for their upcoming joint concerts, their duets tonight can be considered as (pre-concert) warm-up performance. After the concerts, Steven will stay back for a few days in Canada.

Regarding his recent 7-figure home renovations, Steven says: "The renovation project started two months ago and will continue for another two. I'm presently staying in a rental apartment. My bed is not long enough so I keep bumping my head (tn: against the headboard). Hence, I've not been sleeping well but it's well worth it to get my dream house." He teases: "Later, there will be an announcement on my upcoming work project but I've promised the others to announce it together. So, just wait for the press conference."

sm fb  Yay to a straight, upright posture!
A good posture greatly enhances one's physical appearance. 

TN: Steven would look so much better if only he would just straighten up his back and square up his shoulders, and not slouch when posing for photos. A good posture greatly enhances one's physical appearance. 

Since Steven defines his new work project as "a novelty" (新嘗試) my guess is that it won't be a tv drama production but rather another mainland reality show, variety show or an evangelical work. Hopefully, my speculation is wrong since most of us have been waiting for his new tv series. 

Anyway,  if not for his reading Uta Hagen's "A Challenge for the actor" book,  I would postulate that Steven's heart is no longer in his acting career. 

As to his short bed, why not have his own bed moved to the apartment - two months + period is pretty long for restless sleep. 


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【on.cc東網專訊】May 30 22:32 藝人馬浚偉為《Sunday靚聲王》擔任嘉賓,談到與重量級前輩關菊英、汪明荃、鄭少秋及伍衞國等一齊演出,他直言感到壓力,而他稍後會與關菊英到加拿大登台一個星期,今次與關菊英合唱可以當作是熱身。

對於近期花上7位數字裝修費寓所,他說:「翻新工程開始咗兩個月,但要做多兩個月,依家租住緊apartment(公寓),我房張床唔夠長,成日撞到個頭,瞓得唔係幾好,不過為咗擁有Dream House,值得嘅。」他又買關子:「遲啲會有工作上重要公布,不過應承咗由其他人一齊發表,大家等遲啲個記者會啦!」


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兩次拒上節目   馬仔被阿姐“罵
    提到與一衆前輩演出,馬仔表示:“的確很有壓力,而稍後會跟菊姐到加拿大演出,今晚跟菊姐合唱,算是熱身。”他又自爆最近正為住所裝修,“翻新工程開始了兩個月,但尚有兩個月才完成。(花了多少錢?)七位數字左右,以前的床不夠長,睡覺時經常撞到頭,睡得不太好,所以想裝修打造Dream House。”


  1. Hmmm, recording today, huh? I guess this means the episode will actually air in about 2-3 weeks or so -- definitely keeping an eye out for it!

    As for his new project, could it be related to his production company? Like maybe some behind-the-scenes thing such as a script he wrote or a show he's directing/producing? Or perhaps something related to his tutoring center? I could be completely wrong, but my thought is that if it's that much of a novelty, most likely it's something he hasn't done before, which doesn't leave a whole lot of options....

    1. Your guess is as good as mine, either way, it's not him leading a tv series, which is what his fans (most) are waiting for.

  2. Can't wait to hear that 2 songs which steven and susanna will be singing. Unfortunately I do not live in HK so no chance to watch it on tv. Guess gotta wait for some good Samaritans to upload their video here. Ha ha.