Tuesday, June 16, 2015

At a friend's birthday party

Steven celebrating Peter Tsang's (Tsang Kwok-Keung 曾國強?) birthday with a group of friends including Tai Wan Wai, Mrs. Wan (her mother) and  戴辛尉 Wancy (her sister) . link  Incidentally, ever since his participation in her internet cooking show 2014 August as her 1st guest, Steven seems to get together quite a bit with 戴蘊慧, along with her mother and sister in tow no less, and her group of friends. (as documented by the copious pix uploaded on 戴蘊慧 weibo Don't recognize her son so not sure if any of her sons was also there too or not . Interesting, no? 

tags: artist-tai wan wai 戴蘊慧;  peter tsang

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