Friday, November 6, 2015

Steven Ma as cameo in ROTC movie.

hkchannel 《十月初五的月光》阿佘馬浚偉人鬼情未了

Steven has a cameo appearance in the Return of the Cuckoo movie version. He appears in Kwan Ho's dream.  In the trailer, she suspected Lai Soon of having an extramarital affair because of his abnormal behavior before his death and their two children's.


News English translation below credit hyn5

Return of the Cuckoo" Final Trailer & Making Of; Steven Ma Guest Stars
In the movie, Kwan Ho's experience is extremely tragic. Her entire family dies in an accident, leaving her wandering on the edge of life of death time and again by herself. Steven Ma, who portrays Szeto Lai Sun, also makes a secret appearance in the movie. Because his character has already died in the movie, there is a scene where Kwan Ho sorrowfully recollects her husband, reuniting with Lai Sun in a dream. Regarding this, Steven laughingly said, "Ha ha. Yes, it is the unfulfilled love between a human and a ghost. Actually, this time, Director [Patrick Kong] invited me to guest-star. He has a lot of heart toward this movie. He even specially asked to meet with me to discuss and explain the story. He was very sincere. I was also touched by this story of his! 'Return of the Cuckoo' is a series from many years ago. Believe that everyone has the feeling of collective memories. I personally also really love this story. Hope that my appearance will give everyone some surprises!"

Creating Sparks When Collaborating Again
Steven has not collaborated with Charmaine Sheh for many years. Reuniting in "Return", he also feels very happy: "Collaborated with Charmaine in the 'Return' series, then 'Perish in the Name of Love, and then collaborating in Mainland...the feeling is still amiable, happy, and full of chemistry. When filming, we both said that we look forward to collaborating again! Anyway, I think that my appearance in this movie is a blessing for Kwan Ho and Man Chor. Hope that they have a good ending".


Below English translated news credit hktopten
Artists Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Charmaine Sheh Si Man starred in the film RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG) yesterday released its final trailer that contained a lot of spoilers, including "Kwan Ho" Sheh Si Man's bathtub suicide and "QE" Nancy Sit Ka Yin's hospital crying scenes. Steven Ma Chun Wa's guest starring role in the film was also unveiled for the first time. 

Ma Chun Wai's character actually was an extension of his character Szeto Lai Shun from the television series. Because in the film his character already died, "Kwan Ho" Sheh Si Man remembered her late husband in one scene and reunited with Lai Shun in her dream. Ma Chun Wai said, "Haha! It's like GHOST! Actually this time director Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong) invited him to guest star. He put a lot of thought into this film. He even asked to meet with me to explain the story. He was very sincere. His new story also moved me. I hope that my appearance will give the audience a pleasant surprise!" 

After years without working with Sheh Si Man, Ma Chun Wai said that the RETURN reunion pleased him very much. "After working with Ah Sheh on the RETURN OF THE CUCKOO television series, we worked on PERISH IN THE NAME OF LOVE (DAI NUI FA). Then we worked together in the Mainland. The feeling was as familiar as usual, pleasant and full of chemistry. During the shoot we both said that we looked forward to our next collaboration very much!"

The Sun

Lai Soon's tender look and loving eyes.with a tinge of sadness. 

screencap source: 《十月初五的月光》阿佘馬浚偉人鬼情未了

tn: Way back in Dec 2014, Helen Ma mentioned on weibo that Steven would be in the ROTC cast but she never confirmed her earlier comment, so that's that.


  1. So Steven does make an appearance after all, though not in the way I imagined.  While I’m glad that he actually did get invited to make an appearance (though not sure if it was an afterthought or not, since the article wasn’t clear on when director Kong approached Steven), I’m not really keen on the way he appears and the storyline itself (Kwan Ho’s whole family dies?  And after she suspects/accuses her husband of having an affair? Hmmm…).  The original series was already kind of melodramatic but it had the right balance in my opinion and so was pretty watchable….the movie though – well, sounds like they upped the melodramatic part quite a few notches and also added a lot of sappiness (I could be wrong, but this is the impression I got from watching the trailers and reading the bits of the plot that’ve been revealed so far). 

    I actually was not interested in watching this movie from the getgo and even now, with the revelation of Steven’s cameo (which I’m assuming will probably be some 1 to 2 minute thing, if that), I’m still on the fence. 

    @tamaya: P.S. - fixed my browser issue. This is the right comment that should show up. Sorry if there was any confusion (I hate Chrome sometimes, lol).

    1. llwy12: Your comment showed up fine. Well, if it is easily accessible online then I might watch but no way paying good money to watch it. Like you, I also find the tv series too melodramatic and sappy, and the movie probably even more so to induce tears.

      Anyway, way back in 2014 dec Helen Ma mentioned on weibo that Steven was also in the series. 還有還有— 禮信呀實在太好真係原班人馬了! But when pressed by fans for confirmation she kept mum - probably on a 'gag order' by the director. But then again, it could have been very well an afterthought too. Who knows!

    2. llwy12: That's why it was reassuring to read this info from this reporter that her friend said Steven's scene in the movie moved her the most: 馬浚偉有來客串嗎?電影版開拍時,主演陣容裏獨缺了馬浚偉。不少粉絲大呼“不開心”。南都記者小透露,小馬哥這次是有出現的,還一如電視劇版中那樣溫暖。跟我一塊觀影的同行女記者,说小馬哥這一幕最讓她感動呢。


    3. llwy12, So Steven answered your question as to when he was invited to cameo in ROTC as a figment of Kwan Ho's imagination, it was prior to his birthday Oct 26 this year. As you predicted, it was an afterthought, but Steven was gracious to abide.


  2. Steven is on that movie? !

    1. Yes, as confirmed by Steven himself and verified by the screencaps.

  3. Just read your comment (reply) on Nov 6, 5.09pm......the reportor said Steven's sence is most touching.

  4. No intention to watch this movie at all. Moreover it will be in Mandarin in Singapore cinemas.