Friday, November 6, 2015

Steven's ambushed by TVB ET Reporters

video source: Helena Wong FB

So, Steven's doctor visit turned into an ambush by an intrusive, in-your-face reporter,  a TVB ET news team no less, and on the street to boot.  So, TVB is doing trashy, street reporting now? Reminds me of KC's Eastweek news on losing his temper at a reporter's intrusiveness.  utube video Same kind of trashy tabloid news reporting.


  1. Yea, it’s that new thing TVB is doing where they ambush artists and crash their parties to get a news story (another one of Sandy Yu’s ‘brilliant’ ideas…NOT!).  I guess since they banned Next Media / Apple Daily, they decided to create their own version of trashy paparazzi-type in-your-face reporting!  I swear, Sandy Yu is doing more harm to TVB than good – I hate most of the stuff she’s done and it’s unfortunate that her influence extends to the drama department too.  It’s also obvious that she’s out of touch with the industry as a whole – I mean, how many artists have complained over the years how much they hate these types of actions by tabloid reporters?  Too many to count!  Also, there are some artists who even left the HK entertainment industry because they couldn’t stand the way the HK media outlets operate with their aggressive, intrusive, disrespectful, unethical reporting tactics.  Given all that, TVB still decides to adopt these methods? What a joke! 

  2. Poor Steven, he was so shocked that his beloved alma mater tvb news dept would be reduced to this kind of trashy news reporting. Kept thinking it must be a prank played on him.

  3. He was so shy not to talk about himself on the street!

    1. Haha! He told them outright that the whole street reporting thingy was so "yuk siun".