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AF discussion on Steven's yahoo blog on "marriage"

Steven yahoo blog on "marriage"

AF#1673  Posted 02 August 2009
Tamaya: I guess Steven is subtly preparing his fans to the possibility of him getting married in the near future, so that it comes, it will not be too much of a shock to them. Steven is being considerate to his fans. Well, at least, his marriage won't be until a year or two later. A baidu fan says his future wife got to be someone he falls in love at first sight, with that in mind, she urges his fans to buy train tickets to meet him.  :rofl Fans!!!

Akazukin: LMAO, the fan is so funny. But I wonder who said before that look is not important? So how can someone saying that have love at first sight? But then, there is a miracle in this world, so maybe the fans should continue on their lottery venture. As for Steven's part, if that ever happens, it's sure so sound like a million blind date or a Bachelor show.

Hmm! Who indeed? I 'bet' Steven wrote all this for 2 reasons:1) to hint to fans he's getting married soon. 2) Maybe ex-gf is still unrelenting, Steven's trying to soften her up with his promise of marriage. Pls. wait for me, love. You go, Vivian, make him beg on his knees. :loool: Love at 1st sight is so totally not for the Steven I know. 

Most of his fans, those not delusional, are urging him to get marry with their blessings.  Let's hope he is not this pig - Once a Pig has come to a decision, nothing can stop him from carrying it out. But before he arrives at it, he spends ages weighing the pros and cons, which sometimes gives the impression that he is indecisive. Nothing could be further from the truth, but to make sure he is avoiding any possible complications, he will sometimes ponder for so long that he destroys his own case. 

Speculation on the Link to "Temptations" scene:
More like Steven's trying to make her listen to his pov. Fala has said Steven's constant pestering of her is so annoying that she gets out of her way to avoid him.

Akazukin: For the benefit of point 2, maybe he should have let out the love at first sight part. Yeah, I bet we all know, all the more Vivian know, that Steven is not the type who goes love at first sight. But you know, women, they can be pretty irrational when it comes to love, just in case she is thinking too much, he may want to omit that part so she won't think that he has changed. 

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