Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Update: Steven's 2015 Dec 27 concert in Hammond, In

Steven Ma concert complimentary tickets are available to diners at any one of the Tony Gourmet Group of Lao Restaurants (芝加哥老字号餐饮) in Chicago!  see Chicago locations  source Weibo dec 11 2015 10:24

Source: Chicagowind.com

Date: 2015 Dec 27
Time: 9 pm
Venue: The Venue in Horseshoe Casino
Address: 777 Casino Center Dr,Hammond,IN 46320
(a 24 minutes drive from Chicago)

Ticket hotlines:
  May Mak 219-473-6375
  Kathy Huang 219-473-6376
  Jenny Ng 219-473-6333
  Ly Voong 219-473-6316

2015-12-26 21:30

Wonder why Steven or Sandy did not give the heads-up for this upcoming concert so fans could make plans to attend?  Given the short notice, I myself won't be able to attend this as I have pre-arranged plans for that week. Too bad!

On a different topic, Steven can even visit this Cross of Christ that he has so wanted to see in person, and while at it, go skiing at the nearby ski resort.

date first posted: Dec 8, 2015


  1. Right, remind Steven he could visit Cross of Christ.

  2. Mayar, I think the concert is for the casino privilege members only. Tried calling the contacts on the ticket hotlines, they are always not there and do not return call. When I called The Horseshoe box office and operators, they are not able to find this event on their listing too. Maybe thats why there was no announcement from Steven or Sandy.

    1. It may be true for this upcoming concert but most times if not all, it is us fans who 'unearthed' his upcoming overseas concerts and shared that news on social media, way before the official announcement, if any. From past observations, Steven has always been rather low key in publicizing his overseas concerts. And since his concerts were usually held on holidays or special day like mother's/father's day, I always had plans scheduled for those days already.

    2. I think the ticket hotlines are those of the Chinese travel agents in the area. They arrange excursions to the casino. For instance, the NYC Chinatown tour agencies drove busloads of patrons to watch Steven's Atlantic City mother's day concert at 1 am but that concert was open to the public too.

  3. I had missed this concert but this year I am going to attend concert at event space Chicago. I am sure it will be a fun to attend concert with friends. Have you any idea when it’s next concert there? Please share information here if you know.

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