Monday, February 29, 2016

Steven's best wishes to Linda on her marriage

Apparently, quite a few of Linda's artiste friends knew about her secret marriage to Jeremy including Steven himself. Turn out Linda not only told Steven of her secret marriage to Jeremy but also let him check out Jeremy in person too. Too bad Steven couldn't attend Linda's wedding ceremony held last Saturday in Vancouver, Canada due to filming commitments. Congratulations to Linda on her marriage!

When news first broke of Linda's flash marriage, a reporter contacted Steven about it. Steven tried covering it up for her at first but when told Linda herself had already publicly acknowledged her marriage, he said with alacrity: "Of course, I'm very happy for her. She actually invited me to her wedding but I can't go due to filming commitments. But earlier I've had a meal with her to celebrate. I'm very happy for her. Hope she'll be happy always"   source


Steven told the reporter that last year after Linda and Jeremy got married (12/25/2015) they flew back to Hong Kong. Linda especially called up Steven for a meal so that she could introduce her husband to Steven. (her goh goh). Apparently, Jeremy left a good impression on Steven at their first meeting. Steven said: "He's a doctor, not some fickle-minded player. We talked all night. From his words and demeanor, I sensed his stable personality. He seems like a practical and pragmatic person. But what's most important is that I could see he loves Linda deeply." ETA: source

TN: Incidentally, when Fala became steady with  her former boyfriend (Daniel Sit), she too  introduced him to Steven. (her goh goh) During that period, Steven and Fala even double dated with their respective partners. 






  1. Aww, so sweet! Steven is definitely a great older brother, so protective of his sisters! I chuckled at the part where he described talking to Jeremy all night to get to know him and make sure he would be a good fit for Linda (kind of like the way a dad tries to grill his daughter's boyfriend/future husband, haha!).

    Oh, a little off-topic, but I was reading some news on the upcoming launch of NowTV's new free-to-air station ViuTV and it said that their focus will be on variety and news programs. I read that among the variety programs they will be airing, one of them will be hosted by Steven alongside Vincci Cheuk and some other person whose name I didn't recognize. Did you hear about this? The article didn't provide a whole lot of details so was just curious what type of program it would be.

    1. Yes, I did know about Steven filming the reality show, "Back to School" for Viu TV. Steven also posted some photos of his filming on his weibo. From what I read, the show is based off Korea's 'Back to School' premise.

    2. Oh, cool.  Happy to see Steven back hosting again! 

      I was reading up on some of the other ViuTV shows and it looks like they are making an effort to be different from TVB, which is good, but highly doubt they will get any of TVB’s market share, since the target audience is completely different.  Unfortunately, TVB will still dominate….

    3. He's not hosting but rather participating in a reality show about being a student at school - something like that. I've not watched the original Korean show so don't know anything about it. See the above promo video post.

  2. Linda is very fortunate to have such an amazing brother by her side. Steven is definitely a very caring individual!

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