Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chicago Concert 12-27-2015


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Yes! Steven finally retired his overused shanghai bund medley. Though audiences are mostly different for each concert but yay to his finally revamping his song repertoire with new songs.

His security guards definitely worked hard for their money 'protecting' their subject from overzealous fans.

Putting aside the obvious safety issues, I'm of two minds about singers (not just Steven) shaking hands with fans on or off stage. On the one hand, singer-fans' physical interactions naturally induce and inject excitement into an already heightened, contagious atmosphere of anticipation   - exactly how a spirited and animated idol concert should be. On the other hand, the pandemonium caused can be/is disruptive to audience's overall enjoyment in that their view is being constantly and consistently blocked by the crowds pooling at the the stage (especially irksome to those who paid good money for premier seating). I myself was both irked and distracted by fans constantly rushing down from all directions toward the stage during a performance. But then what's an idol concert without these small bands of zealous fans whipping up excitement, eh? Yes, excitement heightens the atmosphere but can excitement be aroused without the said distractions during the performance? Maybe all physical interactions should be relegated towards the end of the concert? Quite a dilemma!
What say you?

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