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LOW - Fans Meeting @ Hengdian (6)

This is the conclusion of 大海探班 in Hengdian. With much apologies to its writer, I have ruthlessly condensed her detailed, volumnious firsthand report to this miserly, chopped-up paraphrased version. But nonetheless, I hope you all have enjoyed reading it, and have gotten to know Steven a little more. The unannounced appearance of fans at work, strangers no less, can be distracting if not downright disconcerting, especially with the unneeded problem of trespassing with security. But Steven not only took it all in stride but took upon him to give his fans two memorable days for them to treasure for a long, long time.

大海探班(5) contd
After lunch, Mazai had only one scene to do in the afternoon. Meanwhile, he goofed around with the production crew. After finishing his scene, Mazai quickly changed into his street clothes because of his badminton game appointment with his friends. Could see that he was really looking forward to it. Since he was in such a hurry to leave, we quickly took one last group picture; Xiao Hua was our photographer. When done, Mazai happily declared: “The 4 empresses! “四个皇后" Haha!” (When Ammy met him at another meeting, she had him signed that very photo. He wrote on it: “四大女王” 4 great female emperors, and labeled us as “1、2、3、4”; and on the side drew an emperor stamp. He was going to write 四个皇后 but thought it did not too good so wrote “四大女王”, the 4 great female emperors instead. (note: Again illustrating Steven’s perceptiveness) The Emperor stamp was a bit blurry so he said to Ammy, “If they get it then fine, if not then forget it. suan le 算了 Ammy thought to herself, “Who will be so stupid to not get it!" Haha! After sending off Mazai, we went to a supermarket. In the supermarket we saw Liu Dan, John Chiang, and Yuan JJ.

2005/ 12/28
The next day, Xiao Feng had to hurry back to school, naturally she was most reluctant to leave. We sent her off at the hotel lobby, and guess who we got to see again ---the very Miss Kwok herself. Xiao Feng sighed and said: “So very lucky ya, the first person we saw was her, now leaving, the last person I see is still her.” Hahaha!

After sending off Xiao Feng, we left the hotel before Mazai. Ammy had already left with Ah Mo in his van. Lucky her but we were not so lucky; with some difficulties we finally made our way to 明清宫苑 in time to see Ah Mo’s scene in progress. It was the last scene in the series; Ah Mo was attired in the early republican costume. Because of the rain, the whole shooting schedule was pushed back.

We asked the make-up artist whether Mazai would be in today. He said: "Mazai still has one scene to do. His hair piece is with me ne. Maybe he's late." He then showed us the hairpiece. Haha! We’ll get a chance to see Mazai put on make-up. We waited for a long time so I asked Ang Goh if Mazai was late. He said: “Mazai is always punctual. Never late.” Not long after, Mazai finally made an appearance, bare of head and looking groggy. He said: I'd been sleeping inside the van for more sleep than I need.” Turn out that because of the rain, the whole shooting schedule had been pushed back. Actually Mazai was there already at 9:30 am. He was snatching some 40 winks inside the van while waiting for his turn to shoot. After exchanging some pleasantries, make-up artist did Mazai’s makeover. Our cameras worked overtime documenting the whole process. While waiting for his turn to act, I took the opportunity to chat to him. That Kaka was too shy so hid in a corner chatting to Ammy. So I was left on my own chatting to Mazai; felt a bit awkward doing that ya.

After shooting a scene, at around 11 am we bid Mazai farewell. And suddenly Ammy remembered she had not requested Mazai’s autograph so handed her autograph book for him to sign. Mazai signed his name, but Ammy wanted him to write something more. Yi dian dian “一点点” Mazai said, “Write what? Oh! Yi dian dian,” and proceeded to write “一点点” . haha! We then shook hands. His hand felt so comfortingly warm oh! Mazai reminded Ammy: "Remember take better pictures of me next time! Haha! Still bear grudges, this fellow! 真是个会记仇的家伙

The end
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