Saturday, October 16, 2010

Addendum to LOW fans meeting

See candid photos taken at Hengdian by on site fans
hengdian photos

Addendum to 大海探班
07-03-20 online interview of 大海 by 桔子webmistress of Steven’s Warm house for Ma Mi memoir. Interviewer 桔子 is from Sichuan. The past few days, Steven was at Chengdu, Sichuan; fans got to see him in person. (note: I think he was there with a group of celebrities to promote environmental protection.)

I: Let's start with the recent event. These past few days KuangAi netizens and Lan Lan 蓝蓝 went to Chengdu to see Xiao Ma. When you read their write-ups and saw their photos, how did you feel?

Fan: They were so lucky but hate Xiao Ma for being so secretive. Fear that one day he comes to Shanghai and I didn’t even know about it!

I: Hahaha! That’s Xiao Ma’s character for you! Were you jealous?

Fan: Of course ya! But you’re even more jealous ba. Hoho!

I: Last night I was so jealous that I uttered quite a bit of 'lose face' stuff to 习习 @ Kuangai. Even threatened I’ll strangle her.

Fan: hahaha! Xiao Ma truly ‘hurt’ 害 a lot of people ne
I: True! This fellow! When you read about those mei mei's (sisters') frenzy, did it remind you of yourself when you saw him?

Fan: I was totally different from them. I was very calm, very rational! Felt that Mazai was very warmhearted 亲切, very hospitable. Felt that 探班 group visit has the most benefits, is most secured, and has the most advantages. Haha!

I: Such as?
Fan: Can chat face to face with him, have long conversations with him. He’s very funny, always try to enliven the atmosphere, and seems like an old friend, interacting/playing with us all! That’s why we named him happy fruit. 开心果

I: Too general, how able some specifics?

Fan: Well, he treated us to lunch. I wrote about that in my diary. At that time, we never thought a big celebrity would actually treat us lunch! It’s so surreal

I: haha! Ok! When the time comes, I’ll append that diary to your interview as appendix, no problem ba?
Fan: I welcome everybody to read it. (her revised version)

I: At that time, what’s your biggest impression of him; mention only yours.

Fan: He’s truly~~~ very nice! Basically can’t find any faults with him. No reasons not to like him

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