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Maggie Cheung as best on screen partner

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四川新闻网link 2007/3/1915:28    
马浚伟接演《秀才遇着兵2》 称和张可颐最默契

During his interview, Steven, who will replace Moses in an upcoming period drama, Gentle Crackdown 2, disclosed that if given the chance to choose his own character role, he would love to portray a schizophrenic or someone suffering depression. "Nowadays, there are many people afflicted with mental illness. I, myself, have many friends who are depressed or have had suffered depression. No matter how advanced the medical technology may be today, there is no device that can yet probe into mental patients' minds to study their thoughts. So, if such a role comes up, I would love the challenge of playing this kind of character." He said the role may greatly affect his moods, but nonetheless, he is still very keen to take up this challenge.

As a front line TVB siu sang who has acted in many series, which among his female co-stars would he pick as being the most compatible with him? "The most compatible co-star?  "I'd pick Maggie Cheung," said Steven. Why did he cast his vote on her? "She's a natural actress. And she slips into her role very quickly. Just three days into our collaboration, we had already figured out each other's acting style. How she would portray her character vs how I would portray mine; we just knew intuitively. We were very compatible. Afterwards, we were amazed; thereafter, we are always very complimentary of each other's acting."

[..]So what is Steven's outlook on love?
"I'm a person who don't fall in love easily but once I do it'll be difficult to part. This attribute is very similar to my tv character, Cao Zi. But Cao Zi is a very emotional person. I don't have Cao Zi's literary talent but I treasure life much more than him so I'm more rational than him."

tn: During the filming of Better Halves, Maggie nicknamed Steven as Chu Chun Wai because he had gained a bit of weight. Pun: Chu=pig, Ma=horse


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