Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adam Cheng teases Steven Ma for taking away his rice bowl

Recently, Steven Ma is filming  ancient period drama, Thunder in the Forbidden City, and as such encounter Adam Cheng daily in the make-up room.  Adam's ancient drama handsome and heroic looks are legendary in the entertainment circle.  But one day in the make-up room when Adam happened to meet Steven, he complained petulantly:  "You this Mazai, ever since you joined tvb to film series, I didn't get to shoot tvb's ancient period drama anymore! "

Getting his leg unexpectedly pulled by Adam, Steven, whose ancient period drama looks is also highly acclaimed, was momentarily stunned and speechless.  He said:  "Adam's elegant, insouciant manner can't be beat. I can't compare. In fact, my mannerisms in the ancient period dramas I learned from watching him.  And that he hope one day he can collaborate with Adam."

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