Saturday, June 25, 2011

Angry Birds

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6/25 15:30 "Angry Birds" live version? Wishing everybody a nice weekend! 「憤怒的小鳥」真鳥版?祝大家有個愉快的周末周日!

tn: Just now, while I was sitting on my outdoor patio enjoying the weather and my back woods, I saw a red cardinal flitting around the tree, its  red underbelly is brilliantly stark red against the green of the trees.   In winter, red cardinal is such a joy to spot especially against the white of fresh snow.  Steven is also such a joy and inspiration to get to know because of his pleasures for simple things and his observant for  beauty.  Check out his next post which illustrates the child he keeps inside him so that he will never be jaded by life.

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6/25  23:20 [Nostalgia] I had a date with Dingdong! And of course, with Dai Hong, too. heehee!  [懷舊時刻]:我我叮噹有個約會!當然,還有大雄。嘻嘻!

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