Friday, June 24, 2011

Steven attending Jojo Cho's daughter 100th day birthday

Steven was the MC of the event. What a good choice.

6/25 01:37 Goddaughter's 100th birthday banquet. The invited guests were all very happy, and me as the godfather even more so!  Heehee,  even though Ying Wah was probably clueless as to what we adults were doing but when she gets older and watch the video she will sure be happy! Once again congratulations to Ging gor and Jojo*,  wishing them everlasting love, and here's wishing Ying Wah's rapid growth, good health and happiness.    (tn: baby's hair such a hoot)

@黃家誼 2:06: // @馬浚偉 : At least two lah! Else not enough people to play doubles! // @黃家誼 : Then why not have a young Ma zai of your own?  // @馬浚偉 :But of course! I'm a natural born good father! // @黃家誼 :Your cradling looks real wo! Godfather!

Note: Jojo Cho Chung (曹眾) plays the mainland doctor trainee, Amy, who has a crush on Steven's Dr. Joe in Healing Hands (1).

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春晓清清: Tonight's fellow singer.

Steven with a guest.

林主任的世界 00:37   (2nd left) Emperor Watch & Jewelry CEO 杨诺思, (2nd right) EGL Tours Company Chairman STEVE.K.C, TVB artiste Steven Ma attended Jojo Cho's daughter 100th days birthday.  (right most)  

steven 00:35 Director Lam, it's Ma "浚" Wai ! (tn: not  俊)

林主任的世界 6/25 00:05 group photo with Jojo & husband and their guests.   

6/25 00:00:    Steven Ma as the MC of the night.

林主任的世界 6/24 25:56  HK Causeway Bay Shaw Studio Ballroom; TVB artiste, Jojo Cho and her husband's daughter's 100th day birthday banquet.


景金鱼 转发此微博:最好是混双...... //@黃家誼:回复 @馬浚偉 : // @馬浚偉 :起碼兩個啦!如果唔係邊夠腳打雙打! [哈哈] [哈哈] // @黃家誼 :回复 @馬浚偉 :咁仲唔快啲生個小馬仔? [嘻嘻] [嘻嘻] // @馬浚偉 :洗乜講! [酷] 我天生就係好爸爸!  // @黃家誼 :抱得似模似樣喎!契爺[嘻(今天 02:28)

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