Wednesday, June 15, 2011

weibo 6/16 response to spiderman

6/16 12:45 Haha! I climbed up with my hand!  Actually only about 10 feet high or so.  When I got here, tour friends already sopped me.  The incessant voices kept on with:  "Wei, be careful ya...don't climb anymore.  Watch out ya!"  Else I would have climbed higher!  Of course, this piece of concern I received.  Next time after safely belted will climb once more. 
哈哈,我徒手爬上去咋!其實只有十幾尺高,爬到那裡已被同行的老友們制止了。"喂小心呀...唔好爬啦...睇住啊!"之声不绝,不然,会再高一点!當然,這份关心,收到了 ,侍下次繫好安全繩再爬過啦!

TN: And I thought it was just a camera angle to make it look like he was climbing.  Quite irresponsible to climb without a harness on. 

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