Wednesday, June 15, 2011

weibo 6/16 why not smile?

 6/16 19:18  Friends asked me: Why always smiling?  Ho ho!  Actually unhappiness usually arises out of disappointment, which often came about usually because one's wishful thinking or anticipated outcome did not pan out.  As a person, must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude; to be able to advance towards a goal is already without regrets. Why calculate the unforeseeable?  Second guessing this and that, why bother!  Just que sera sera  whatever will be,  will be, and be happy and at ease!   If not unhappy, that means happy! That being the case, why not smile?

朋友问我:为何经常笑?哈哈!其实不快乐,大多源自失望。而失望,又往往始於一己主观愿望或预计结果非如所愿引致。做人,抱着乐观积极态度、朝着目标尽力 去追已是无憾,何必去计算不能预知的未来?天天左猜右想,何苦呢!一切顺其自然,反而乐得自在!没有不快乐,那就是快乐!既然如此,为何不笑!

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