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Linda Chung's interview segment on Steven.

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Linda Chung once contemplated suicide, grateful to Steven Ma for his support and encouragement.
9/13/2012 Yesterday Linda Chung in her interview revealed that because of filming series she has had a nervous breakdown, luckily she had older brother (gor gor) Steven Ma by her side constantly encouraging her enabling her to get through the difficult phase, as such, she is very grateful to Steven for his help.

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Steven Ma, he is definitely the one person, since I entered the industry, who witnessed most completely my whole experience. He is the person who most understands every phase of my situation. Because my first series was with him. Virtue of Harmony. At that time, I was still naive and innocent, straightforward and simple young woman. When I first saw him it was like seeing my idol because prior to this, though I didn’t watch many tv series I listened to a lot of Hong Kong songs. At that time, I heard this song of his, (Linda hums the opening bars of the song and Steven’s song came on.) and listened to it often. When I saw him, I thought to myself, idol, oh dear, going to film with my idol. What am I to do? And so anyway, we were happy filming. One day, he and Tsui Jeh, a close older friend of his, and I had lunch together inside the studio.

As we ate, Steven said to me: Kayan, you are truly very ‘guai’ (good girl), very innocent. I really like your kind of attitude, it’s very rare in this industry, you must keep it that way.

I said: I know, I’ll work hard to keep it. I promise you I’ll not change my inner self.

And then after a break of two years (2007 May) we filmed another series together (A Journey Called Life). In that series, could see my person was becoming disheartened. I became increasingly unhappy. It’s like I’d been forced to fit in a colorful, exciting world whereas before I was used to a much smaller and simpler world. At that time I was already sliding toward a state of collapse. But that was just the beginning. (Steven’s song started playing) He saw that I was sick, unhappy and cried often. He often advised me I must love myself, and must voice out my opinions, and not to internalize everything and bottled it up. At that time, I didn’t listen to him because I was already on the onset of a nervous break down.

And then in our next series together, Ghost Writer (2009 Mar-Jun), I’d truly collapsed. For 3-1/2 to 4 months I could honestly say that I did not sleep a wink at all; I was a walking zombie. At this time, no matter what Steven said to me I could not take them in at all. I could only cry uncontrollably. I felt that this would surely be my last series. I couldn't do it anymore. I tend to over think, imbued with that wanting to die kind of feeling.   even contemplated suicide.

And then we did Daddy Good Deeds (2010 Aug-Oct), and he saw a happy Kayan. An awakening Kayan. And become happy again. But he was ever skeptical of my change of attitude. Because this older brother, (Ah Gor), for he is truly an older brother as he has witnessed my growth and he has much affection (sek) for me. In fact, he loves us three sisters: Fala, me, and Tavia. So that’s why whenever he and I met I would reassure him: “Ah Gor, I’m a big girl now, and I’m truly happy now.” He did not fully believe me. I remember one time he called me on the phone, and asked me if I was truly happy. “Yes!”; “Truly?” “Yes!” ; “Truly, truly?” “Yes, Yes!”, Truly, truly, truly, no?” “Yes, truly!” Initially, he was skeptical I've finally found my own brand of happiness. I guess he knew now that I've truly had a breakthrough in my thinking. After having been through so much and have grown more mature, I’ve changed.

Steven in my life, what I admire about him is that he is up-front, straightforward, and very protective of those he loves. He is also a very faithful man. I feel that if he meets people he feels deserving his affection, he will cherish them unconditionally with all his heart. Even if it is not his problem, he will stand up for you.

I remember that one time when filming AJCL, I was very sick but still insisted on going to work. I did not dare to ‘lam’ (collapsed/breakdown) or knew how to ‘lam’ or had the right to 'lam'. So I went to the studio even though I was extremely sick, and all I did was cried. (LC had in the past talked about her hour long crying jags in AJCL and in Ghost Writer. ) but still I would not dare go home. So everybody quietly came over to me and told me to please go home. I said I can’t do that. Because it was only my third year working, and I felt that I did not earn the right yet to collapse (lam). I was very timid and fearful. Out of the blue, Steven said in a loud voice: “I'll be the one who ‘collapsed' (lam) then. Kayan can go home.”

song: 請你留步

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  1. Great interview! Thanks for transcribing it! Makes me wish that I had an older brother like Steven! Linda, Fala, and Tavia are lucky to have someone like Steven in their corner. :0)

  2. Yes, especially in light of the recent case of Director Cheung roughing up a newbie actress. That would never happen in Steven's presence.