Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Steven and his loved ones

9/120:56  Those who love me and whom I love have always been there (for me), have never changed, and moreover have never deceived me. love u all!

So who are these people, esp the young lady next to him. His sister, brother-in-law  and Vivian? (on and off gf?) Edited VV with Sandy Lau and Steven's male assistant?

Do you think she looks like V?
The more I look at the juxtaposition pix, the more they look alike. 
But it's not Steven's style to showcase his gf.
So wedding bells will ring soon?

Edited: Ok, the mysterious lady's identity is solved. The lady next to Steven is indeed Vivian.

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  1. I suspect she's Vivian, the features are so similar...Steven has always talk about hoping to reconcile with her, happy for him if it comes true!

  2. I hope she is Vivian. Will be so happy for Steven if she is. Must say V looks much younger than her age of 40 in the weibo pix. And love that bright smile of hers.