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Steven Ma Denies Looking Down On Evergreen Mak

Monday April 29, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao

Translated by: aZnangel @asianuniverse.net

Yesterday Steven Ma returned to TVB for the costume fitting of new series Property Protector (tentative title) along with Maggie Siu, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Natalie Tong and the rest of the cast. Steven expressed he had already promised Catherine Tsang a year ago to participate in a series and plus this series is produced by Leung Choi Yuen, there will be even more chemistry.

Steven disclosed he'll be launching a new album at the end of June, and will be holding his first mini concert at the KITEC in July. He does not plan to invite any guest performers and the proceeds earned from the concert ticket sales will go to charity. "I've been singing for several years, but this is my first time holding a concert. I truly enjoy singing and will keep on singing." It was rumored there will be a new season of Apprentice Chef. Steven frankly expressed Catherine mentioned it when they were discussing the contract, but haven't gotten to the details yet. If time allows, he does have interest to be part of the new season, but the earliest is next year.

It was said Steven doesn't think Evergreen is qualified enough. Steven stressed he didn't make a face at Evergreen that showed disdain. They personally have a very good relationship and are very good friends. Evergreen also defended: "Crazy. We have a very good relationship. I will forever address him as '3rd brother', while addresses me as '2nd brother' (Their roles from Where the Legend Begins). Nobody can incite our relationship. I just laughed off the rumor when I heard it." He also expressed he feels happy having the opportunity to officially collaborate with his TVB Artistes Training class classmate, Maggie Siu.

Steven disclosed the initial plan was for him to come back and collaborate with Bobby Au-Yeung: "We were suppose to be in another modern series, but because of his health condition, they changed the plans and turned it into a pre-modern series."

Tavia Denies Relationship is in a State of Emergency

Tavia laughed and said in all of the series she collaborated with Steven in, they have never had a happy ending. This time, she hopes they'll have a happy ending. It was rumored Eliza Sam has intervened in her relationship with Him Law and now their 'sister-brother' romance is in a state of emergency? Tavia expressed: "Emergency? How so? That's nonsense. I understand the magazines don't have much to report lately, but I don't think 'capturing an affair' is a good wording to use." Tavia said she and Heung Heung are friends, the photos published on the magazine are just from the series. That day, the three of them were on the set, it was not "capturing an affair on the set" at all. The magazines came up with a story just by looking at the photos. Does Tavia have confidence in Him? "We get along happily. He is a person worthy of my trust. I just know that the emergency is I really have to go the restroom, I don't know what the so-called romance in a state of emergency is. (Does Him have feelings for Heung Heung?) I have a very good feeling on Heung Heung."

 Jaynestars has a similar report translated on its site. The most exciting new is Steven's upcoming mini concert.

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