Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weibo 9/29 Cool guy?

2013-9-28 Lately, don't know why, (my) face keeps getting hurt! Even accidentally falling asleep with glasses on could also cause a wound.... the nose injury just got heal and now yet another. (sic. injury) Haha! Actually, on the other hand, this seems to accumulate yet another trace of the passing years, quite cool, eh? [偷笑][酷][酷] p.s Anyway, still have to remind you all not to fall asleep with glasses on, if eye(s) got poked, that would be bad. [ok]

TN: May I just say that I really and truly don't get Steven's self-deprecation jibe that scars make men cooler or more macho.  He is so annoyingly predictable in that whenever his body or face got hurt he would play it down with that macho cool guy jest, which is getting old.  Real men don't need scars to look cool or macho, ok? Ok![ok]

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