Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weibo May 31 Steven accidentally bumped into a glass door

SM May 1 2014 20:26 Yao Yu Zai, my left right eyes got injured, nose got fractured, and now even my mouth got battered; neat and tidy, all set for a pig's head. [哈哈] [猪头] @枝Lam:[晕][晕] [晕] How many times now? Injured leg, injured eyes, and now injured forehead and front tooth too.. so, need to shed blood to be happy? (You're) a man who easily get hurt ya! I worry sooner or later you'll become a pig head [猪头] and then I won't recognize you! [猪头][猪头][猪头][偷笑][偷笑][偷笑][偷笑][偷笑][偷笑][偷笑]

SM June 1 2014 19:01What to do? Didn't you say you bring bad luck to your partners? [哈哈] I'm inflicted, and what's more, it has a staying power of a year or more.  In two months' time, I'll be safe. [哈哈][哈哈] Just kidding, only a minor accident! Don't worry! [爱你][爱你][爱你][爱你]  // @楊怡TaviaYeung  Old horse, how's your injury? Do you really dislike yourself that much? Why do you always have to bump your face against something? Ai... even at play, couldn't (you) be more careful ma? [可怜][可怜][可怜]

May 31 2014 23:38  Preserving this moment to remind myself to be wary of the 'door'* in the future or else... [顶]  [偷笑] (a pun on Cantonese 帶眼識人"to be wary of people") 

May 31 2014 18:53 Went to mainland to play badminton with a group of badminton friends; should be a happy event but unexpectedly what is a common scene in comedy dramas actually happened to me...bumped against a glass door! Now my left temple has a goose egg and my front tooth is chipped!  This time...I'm truly so 'pig' (dumb)! But what I truly feel bad about is that this will affect some of the video shoots scheduled for the next few days. My advance apologies to each and every one of them.  I will take care of my injuries soonest and will fulfill all my work obligations when ready, much obliged!


The above images are cropped and uncredited because its link has since been deleted by its owner.  I uploaded these pix anyway to show the before and after pix of Steven.

Note: This is Steven's 3rd time having his tooth chipped. As is Steven's wont, he again laughed off his injuries, making self deprecating remarks on himself being so piggy etc.  Haiz, don't know what to say anymore. It must have hurt like hell when that accident happened. Hopefully that hard bump did not cause a head concussion. And incidentally this is the 3rd time he chipped his front tooth. Unlike other people laughing at his 'accident' I don't find that accident 'funny' at all given the extent of his injuries, and having read how painful it was the last time he chipped his front tooth.  "Mazai promptly felt an excruciating pain shooting right into him."

news-boyhood chipped tooth (1) (2)
Around 6 to 7 years old, I fell off a bunk bed and caused a crack between my two front teeth, thus became a chipped tooth zai. Not until I was 21 years old did I finally have that fixed.

news-microphone chipped tooth
To protect him, one of the guards in shoving the audience away accidentally knocked the mike with his arm, causing the mike to smack against Mazai's front teeth, chipping them instantly. Mazai promptly felt an excruciating pain shooting right into him.


  1. Such a poor thing!!! :( He must really learn how to take good care of himself!!! And trust him to upload a photo with his chipped front tooth! :P Btw, the link for the before photos are from his badminton's friends?

    1. From the weibo entry, don't think they were his badminton friends. I think most likely some random people requesting to have their photos taken with Steven inside what looks like the club restaurant. My friend once bumped her head hard against a clear glass wall partition. Greatly mortified she thought nothing of it at the time but soon after she suffered the symptoms of a head concussion which took quite a while to heal, so yeah, a bump on the head should not be blighthly dismissed.

  2. it's sad to hear that he got hurt. I hope he feel better soon. He really need to take care of himself. As a fan of him we all care about him.

    1. Ironically just a few days he especially flew over to Seoul to buy new clothes to spruce himself up for his upcoming album promotion and now his face got battered by a door of all things while he's at play -- can't even blame it on work. lol!

  3. Seems that he hurt himself quite often... since the eye injury (the one where he had to collect his Most Favourite Male character award with one eye), it seems that news of him getting hurt has been quite frequent especially recently, how many times had he visited hospital this year? Maybe pre-sign of him going to win some awards?

    Hope his health gets better! His reassurance is just like that of a tough man he is, but hope he takes care of himself!

    PS. for an artiste, he is very up to date with news of his fellows. That news about Tavia bringing bad luck to her partner is very recent.

    1. Not only is he very updated with entertainment news but with all kinds of news. Last year when two djs in separate interviews praised Steven for his extensive general knowledge and his grasp of current events, Steven said he routinely reads the newspapers daily and gets online to keep himself current on all kinds of news. So, not surprise he is updated with Tavia's news at all.

      "Maybe pre-sign of him going to win some awards?"
      lol! I'm not going down that awards road anymore.

    2. Yeah, he seems very updated with news. I'm not surprised considering his personality, but am surprised considering how busy he is in this industry.
      I don't think awards mean much to him anymore, but would still be nice seeing him winning it because he deserves it (long overdue).

    3. I agree with you he deserve a award. I think he deserve the best actor award, he's really good actor. Even I don't know him that well yet but reading his weibo updates his personality seem to be really nice.
      Just wondering when fans comment on his weibo does he really read all of the comments? even I know he doesn't answer all of them

    4. He says he does but who knows, even I can't go thru them all, what's more him with his busy schedule - but I pretty sure he skims their comments as evinced by his random responses to some of their questions or comments. And recently to reassure his weibo posters that he does 'read' their comments, he has taken to clicking the 'like' button to indicate that he has read those comments. So, has Steven clicked the 'like' button on any of your comments on his weibo?

    5. just once I was so shock when he like it. First I thought did he click the wrong button to like my comment. I was omg really that totally made my day. have he like your comment Tamaya?

    6. Haha! I bet it did make your day as it did for those whose comments he 'liked'. That is exactly why he did it - he knows a simple gesture from him can make his supporters happy and make their days a little better. Also if he happens to come across fans' requests for his "birthday blessing" he would either wish them 'happy birthday' (words) or upload the 'birthday cake' (icon) . His reposnse proves he indeed reads the msg board. If any of you has a birthday coming up soon, tell him that, if lucky you may just get a birthday blessing from him.

      Yes, he has 'like' some of my comments. He has also uploaded my posts onto his page - the ones about his Next Station I love you.

    7. How do we tell him its our birthday just by commenting on his post or write to him through message?
      What you just wrote of steven he totally seem very nice and care about his fan. I have nv see a artist is that nice and care about their fans yet

    8. 1) Either you @ him like this fan did just recently. She received both a birthday blessing and a birthday cake from Steven who also happened to be the first to wish her happy birthday. Actually I saw her birthdate request but held back with my own birthday blessing cos' I was hoping Steven would be the first to wish her happy birthday, and he did. She is one of the lucky ones who always receives Steven's birthday blessing every year per request.

      2)You can post your birthday request on his most recent weibo entry and @ him. Your post will most likely will be 'like' by others to specifically bump up your request so that he can easily spot it.

      Since he first opened his yahoo blog now defunct Steven keeps in touch with his fans and updating them with his work filming a series. In the earlier months of his weibo (April 2010) he would sometimes 'chat' late into the night with his weibo fans real time and when he called it a night he always signed off with this: It's late, go to bed now. 123zzzzzzzz (goodnight icon)"

      Yup, Steven cares about his fans and weibo supporters and society in general. A good man, he is.

    9. A sample of Steven's weibo interactions with weibo fans
      2010-5-7 23:32 The day after, May 9th, will be Mother’s Day. Want you all to leave a word or two, words that come straight from your heart for your mom. What do you want to say?

      (To late mother) I’ve not seen you for 11 years. I still love you. I’ll continue to love you. I’ll always love you. Wai Zai.

      The photo is of my mom when she was young. 4th Brother looks a lot like Mama ba?

      Idols are illusions; mothers are real. Want to say I love you? Say it to parents first.

      Having said it here (re: i.e fans leaving words for their mothers on Steven's weibo), now be brave and say the same to your mother tomorrow, ok?

      True, sons look like mother, while daughters look like father. It's late, go to bed now. 123zzzz! Goodnight!

    10. that is so sweet of him. Thanks for sharing the story about him. Did you follow him on facebook? he like most of the comments that everyone write. First I thought that facebook is not really him. But I think it's really him because he upload the same post as in what he write in weibo.

    11. Yes, I followed both his facebook and that of his official fan page too. Make sure you follow the right one.
      The links to Steven's personal fb page and his official fan page are as follow.

      Steven's own personal fb page:
      SM official fb fan page:

      All other fb pages with his name on are all fake.

    12. And i realised Steven started liking all or mostly all of his comments on his personal fb page starting from the selfie post with his chipped tooth. How sweet of him to do this small gesture for his fans! 好难得啊! :)

    13. Actually, Steven started clicking 'like' on his fb wayback in 2013.

    14. Yeah i realised that too just some random likes here and there haha but not as much as of now. 他在FB越来越用功了哈哈!