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Updated: Fans' firsthand accounts on Steven's GH concert

First off, thank you all for sharing your amazing experiences with us here. Second, do share your essays (as an image upload) with Steven on your weibo or facebook accounts.  I'm sure he would love to read your thoughts on his performance. Thanks to fans' videos, we can watch Steven's live performances on  u2b and tudou.  Scroll down the page to watch the merged videos uploaded here.

He looks absolutely gorgeous! My heart almost stopped beating. Thoroughly entertaining performance. Love his quick-witted humor on stage, really lively, very entertaining. Love his thoughtfulness on selecting some different songs for the second night so those who have attended the first show had something to look forward to, also different jokes, nothing stale. And how I love the way he talks with a drawl, really sexy, given his voice! Plus I managed to get a glimpse of him leaving the venue after the show, right from the main entrance after the crowd had dispersed, about 11:30PM the first night, 11:20PM (the second night), saw him leaving both the first night and second night too. No fanfare, in a simple polo and shorts (black on the first night, almost mistook him for one of the crew, and red polo and white shorts on the second night), just a very brisk walk to the waiting van by himself, not surrounded by his entourage, too fast for a quick photo. Two different nights, two different experience. Now I'm kicking myself for not having bought tickets for the last show tonight.

Btw, I believe Steven was kidding about the "terima kasih" thing, it was a deliberate move on his part to draw laughs from the audience, cos he actually said it as "talima kasi". That's why he's really good at endearing himself to the audience. He also spoke a little in English, Teochew and Hokkien on the first night. (tn: Ref news report) Thinking he had the Malaysian language down pat, Steven steps onto the stage and greets his audience: “Dai ka hou, Terima kasih!” (Audience: That’s “thank you!”) It’s not“How are you?”  

What's enjoyable about both the shows was that he took good care to ensure that the acts was not a fully rehearsed, and the fact that there were many spontaneous moments in each show. The first show included a lot more sharing of his personal life which made the audience warm up to him right away, and he managed to make the second show like a continuation from the first, as if the audience from yesterday's show were like old friends.

Tamaya, my English not so good, so im writing it in Mandarin and mix mix ya..haha..等待了几个月的日子终于到来了,那种心情真的不懂如何形容,真的好兴奋!可能是他启发了我对人生的改观和态度。第一首歌“想飞”掀起了一时的轰动。。他真的好帅,超有型。无论是唱慢歌或快歌都那么的好听,尤其是唱那首我等待已久的歌“李香兰”,哇哈!我整个人都淘醉在他的歌声中,连我手上那的手机都无发动了。。呆了。。马仔真的好会说话,当然嘛, 他当过司仪, 说话难不倒他。在说话的过程, 带点幽默, 又有点调皮, 很逗人开心。 我发觉他唱歌时比较喜欢靠左边, 应该是有来自香港的朋有来支持他吧, 不过, 还好, 我有我朋友sponsor 我的营光棒, 每当他走向右边时, 我就立刻举起我的营光棒,他就看过来, 爽死我了!当他谈起去年的一部戏 ‘守业者’时, 因为要介绍下一首歌 “天意”, 我就大声的喊:“潘家杨!”, 他就说: 不如直接叫我“三少”好了, 哈哈 !还有, 我发觉现场大多数是uncle and auntie only, 大家都比较静,没那么轰动, 没有我想像中的轟动。。 我等的等,我手中的礼物还没给他, 等待的是一个好机会, 我告诉Amy当他走向右边时, 我们马上就冲上去给他。可是当我们跑向前面时, 他好专注的唱歌, 好像没看见我们似的, 后来我们就退后几步, 刚好VVIP有two empty seat, we sat down and manage to get few snapshot of him, but my hand was shaking because he so handsome, just can't believe he was in front of me. After that he ran down to shake hand with the audience, at last I managed to pass my gift to him but no chance shake his hand le.. Overall, I enjoyed the show very much, but I hate and kicking myself for not attending his 2nd day show because one day show is not enough!! He told audience that he will come to Malaysia next year and will collaborated with Susanna in a drama. After the show, we still don't want to go back, we waited waited outside the hall, waiting for him to come out, at last he come out with casual wear stripe shirt with beige/white colour pant walking very cutely to the van. We (with Amy) met one senior lady, ran together up to his hotel which got to take 5 times escalator..We just tried, but we think he will reach the hotel first than us.. We are too late, when we reached there, we waited and asked around people there, the staff there said he already went in to the hotel room.. haiz!!


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GH 8/22/2014                                                                 GH 8/23/2014 
GH 8/23/2014 
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  1. Hi Tamaya,
    I'm Malaysian!

    1. oops! My bad! Stand corrected

    2. Thanks for sharing the above!

    3. Tamaya,
      Coming to think of it, describing him as gorgeous would be an understatement on my part. He is so captivating that your eyes would want to linger, to the point of plain staring. Another favorite of mine is to watch his facial expressions as he sings or talks, there's just so much life to him, vibrant and exuberant.

    4. Hazel, I know, Steven has good stage presence and when on stage - a bigger than life personality that's very mesmerizing. I think his sonorous powerful voice also helps in captivating his audience.

  2. Do you have any idea how/where can I see Steven singing competition in 1993. I would like to see him sing ‘李香兰’. I guess he carry this song more emotionally, more maturity now compared last time... I like he sing this song very very much, my heart almost drop. Thanks.

    1. Wendy, his 1993 ‘李香兰’ rendition is not available on line .

  3. Oh.. ok. :-( Tks Tamaya.