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News Feb12/2015Steven Ma will be home alone on Valentine's Day

below pix adky

Steven with Cally Kwong (鄺美雲), Paula Tsui (徐小鳯) , Elvina Kong (江欣燕), Tai Wan Wai (戴蘊慧) and Leila Chow  (周美鳯) et al attended an auction fundraising charity event for the blind and deaf (立善迎羊建彩眼慈善晚宴) held in Sai Wan on Feb 12 2015 @ 7 pm. Steven was there as a mere guest at the invitation of the event organizer, Tai Wan Wan戴蘊慧. Steven said he would be spending Valentine's Day home alone. Mrs. Alice Chiu (趙曾學韞), Cady Lam, Adky Wen Ying Hong (he did the cooking too), also attended.

credit pix SM weibo周美鳯Lelia戴蘊慧; mingpao weekly 2/22/2015 click on 5th pix to the right

youtube. Steven @ 3:00

Note:  Obviously, the video editor has edited some of Steven's answer on repeat to make it look like Steven repeated himself in some instances for effect.

Eta: Nextplus video news link 2/22/2015
Voiceover:  As to Steven who has a girlfriend, when asked how he would celebrate Valentine's Day with girlfriend, his reaction was quite strange. 
S: This year I'll (spend VD) alone. 
R: Single again?
S: I don't want to talk about this for now, maybe next time
R: Relationship having problems?
S: No, no. Rah, rah, rah. (WTH? Awkward!)
Voice: Aiya! Could it be that he broke up (with gf)? 

Indeed, Steven's reaction is strange. Fine, so he didn't want to get into personal stuff, just said it composedly without acting all flustered, so much so he even ended the interview abruptly and yes, awkwardly with "rah rah rah". Awkward and weird!  Usually he's quite smooth at fielding this kind of trite, intrusive questions (at his age and being a seasoned veteran celeb that he is) so why this uncharacteristic awkwardness and fluster?  It's not like he didn't anticipate the question given that VD is just round the corner.  Maybe he is planning to  surprise his unsuspecting gf on that day hence his reticence? 

Steven's cut (longer cut than above video) via 20150213粤夜粤娱乐

Also check out his awkward laugh and fidgety body language video when asked the same VD's plans question.  Awkwardness galore. Seeing his reaction thus, fans should just stop pressing him to get married or start a family soon, let him be.


sources: appledaily; w/ video;  SM fb
LETV video at 3:00

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